Halloween Flash Sale – Get $5 off and free audiobook

We have launched our annual Halloween Sale over at our Shop! From today until midnight on November 2nd you automatically get $5 off your purchase of either The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales or Dark Tales From Elder Regions New York. The $5 discount on these titles shall be automatically deducted upon Checkout. IfContinue reading “Halloween Flash Sale – Get $5 off and free audiobook”

Coming Soon: Dark Tales From Elder Regions

IA! IA! Cultists! In early March and in July we posted news of our forthcoming urban horror anthology, Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York and are very excited to share with you the launch of our mammoth tome of eldritch horror.  We will be accepting Pre-Orders by Halloween, with full release in November. ClickContinue reading “Coming Soon: Dark Tales From Elder Regions”


Greetings Readers! In two weeks your friendly neighborhood Myth Ink Books Editor/Author Anthony Burdge, yes me, shall be turning 42 years of age! So, I am in a rather hobbit-ish mood, and thinking ahead to my birthday I have decided to place our audiobook of The Friendly Horror ON SALE FOR ONLY $1.99 Written byContinue reading “AUDIOBOOK SALE: THE FRIENDLY HORROR $1.99”

Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books

Greetings everyone! Happy New Year! We were on a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays and hope your holidays were cheerful and bright as ours were.  We ended 2013 with the release of our 30 Track Audiobook of The Friendly Horror, which is now available ONLY FOR $7. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.Continue reading “Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books”

Horror Fiction Review: The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales

Latest review of our book The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales by Colleen Wanglund, a local reviewer for The Horror Fiction Review & Monster Librarian has been posted at THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW  –“A heavily Lovecraftian influenced collection, the title THE FRIENDLY HORROR is deceptive but appropriate….“ THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW: November, 2013 ReviewsContinue reading “Horror Fiction Review: The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales”

Welcome To Myth Ink Books

Greetings Traveler, Welcome to the new home of Myth Ink Books. You may already be familiar with our publications and work, perhaps you have visited our Geek Blog Comfy Chair, which was formerly the home of Myth Ink Books.  Or you may be new to us entirely and are looking for more information on whoContinue reading “Welcome To Myth Ink Books”