Halloween Flash Sale – Get $5 off and free audiobook

We have launched our annual Halloween Sale over at our Shop!

From today until midnight on November 2nd you automatically get $5 off your purchase of either The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales or Dark Tales From Elder Regions New York.

The $5 discount on these titles shall be automatically deducted upon Checkout.

If you purchase both titles we shall send you a link and code to receive a FREE Audiobook of The Friendly Horror!

Upon Checkout we shall send you via email your link and code to download your copy of The Friendly Horror Audiobook, FOR FREE

The Friendly Horror Read by Mars Homeworld
30 Track Audiobook
Read by Mars Homeworld
Cover/Track Art Illustrated by Luke Spooner

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Illustrated by Luke Spooner
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales 2nd Edition
by Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge

Introduction by David Neilsen

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

“This charming book is a …delightful celebration of that delicious state of being called ‘Lovecraftian.’ …this duo can write, with excellent effect….”
—W. H. Pugmire, Author of Monstrous Aftermath

“The Friendly Horror is a collection of Lovecraft inspired tales eloquently written with an unmistakable passion and voice for the genre…Luke Spooner does an amazing job of giving that haunting, sketchy feel to his drawings that only enhance the reading experience. They are a perfect complement to each tale …Burdge and Burke describe the transition and journey to Y’ha-nthlei the way C.S. Lewis describes Narnia…”
—Kris Lugosi, The Horror Society

Illustrated by Luke Spooner
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

ABOUT Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Introduction by
Peter Rawlik

Afterword by
Brian J. Cano

There is a reason New York City is called “The City that Never Sleeps,” and it is not for reasons we have all become accustomed to.

This anthology of 20 urban horror stories explores the dark corners, shadowy alleys and mysterious underworld of all five boroughs of New York City providing the true reason why The City Never Sleeps.

If you love New York City in all its shapes and guises (and who doesn’t?) and are a fan of well-crafted horror fiction of every variety, you’ll relish the new Myth Ink Books collection of 20 vividly weird stories all set in The Big Apple, Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York. These highly inventive tales tap into the city’s luridly storied past as well as the gritty opulence of its present and are rich in historical detail and cultural nuance. It’s almost like a trip to NYC and far cheaper than an airline ticket. So grab your reading glasses, pack your carry on bag, and get ready for some delicious shudders, cheap thrills, and heady visions in the city that puts the Gothic into Gotham, with this fine selection of stories that bring chilling nightmares to the city that never sleeps.

– David Barker, author (with W. H. Pugmire) of The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal (Dark Renaissance Books, 2014)


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