Horror Fiction Review: The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00012]Latest review of our book The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales by Colleen Wanglund, a local reviewer for The Horror Fiction Review & Monster Librarian has been posted at THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW 

–“A heavily Lovecraftian influenced collection, the title THE FRIENDLY HORROR is deceptive but appropriate….

THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW: November, 2013 Reviews

Thank you very much to The Horror Fiction Review, Colleen Wanglund & Nick Cato–this is very much appreciated and we are very grateful.

The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales is a Myth Ink Books publication & can be purchased via Amazon.com 


THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW began in 2003 as an old-school fanzine, generally a 14-20 paged, stapled-Xerox publication featuring reviews of horror novels, occasional film reviews, and author interviews. In 2008–mainly due to skyrocketing printing costs–the fanzine became an e-zine


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