Welcome To Myth Ink Books

MythInkLogoGreetings Traveler,

Welcome to the new home of Myth Ink Books. You may already be familiar with our publications and work, perhaps you have visited our Geek Blog Comfy Chair, which was formerly the home of Myth Ink Books.  Or you may be new to us entirely and are looking for more information on who we are, and where to buy our books.  Please refer to the CATALOGUE tab to visit the page for each of our respective titles.

However you may have arrived here, and for whatever the reason Thank you for visiting us. Pardon our appearance for the moment as this website is currently still under construction.  We currently have information about our 1st three publications, About Us, Awards & shall have more detailed news about 2 forthcoming collections we are planning.  Myth Ink Books seeks to publish what would be deemed Weird Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and similar styles of fiction, as well as the related critical non-fiction, academic work.


Anthony and Jessica

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