An Inside Look at our New Release: “Eldritch Tides”

IA! IA! Hail Dagon! Hail Hydra!

Good Afternoon Fellow Cultists,

Eldritch Tides Available Via Cryptocurium

In our post of 11/13/2019 discussing our prior hiatus we hinted at a forthcoming publication from us, and we’re happy to announce a novel titled “Eldritch Tides,” is Now Available.  The tale began to take shape this summer past from several discussions with  Jason McKittrick, the owner and operator of Cryptocurium. The Story Concept was created by Jason and was written by Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge.  At Cryptocurium, Jason creates and produces Lovecraftian handmade horrors, yet his products are not limited to Lovecraft as he also produces items inspired by Halloween, Aliens, Horror Movies, New Jersey Folklore and Cryptozoology.  The Cover and insert art was illustrated by Brandon Zimmerman

Innsmouth Cultist 3 Pack from Cryptocurium, image by Jason McKittrick

When Jason approached us with the idea, and after several location visits, discussions with actual people and places, and a bit of genealogical research, the tale began to take shape.  However, there was one stipulation, the main character had to be named after one of Jason’s daughters.  The character of Dr. Nora Danforth was created, and subsequently her real life sisters, Mia and Lily are also featured within the narrative.  The inspiration for character names did not end there, we have included 3 of our nieces,Maddy Jane, McKenzie Jane, (MJ) and Ellie, plus our nephew Charlie.  Lastly, as one of the Burdge family genealogists I made use of my ancestry in developing the character of Jeremiah, and another character.

Union Cafe
Lakehurst, NJ

Additionally our friends at the Union Cafe make appearances as well.  Since moving to New Jersey,  Jessie and I have frequented an awesome Cafe for breakfast and lunch in Lakehurst, NJ, the Union Cafe who recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary.  A very non-spoiler look at the tale has Jeremiah, see synopsis below, visit the Union Cafe to have a coffee and do a bit of research.  However, Cafe owner Sofie, and her employee Angie are onto to him and his dark demeanor.

Mural by Angie Roslin at Union Cafe featured in Eldritch Tides 

If you have read our prior tales, see our shop for prior publications, you may know that we make use of local folklore, history, and of course heavy doses of the Lovecraftian mythos.  After numerous developmental chats with Jason and Jessica, I began to write the tale, but once Jessica was freed from other projects she spent two weeks hammering out the tale and by the end of the Summer we had a draft manuscript of Eldritch Tides.

Here is the Synopsis:

“Storms, and Nature as a whole, reveal over time what has long been buried and should have never been found.”

– Dr. Gilbert Halsey, Toms River Psychiatric Unit.

                     The unrelenting, destructive force that was Superstorm Sandy moved ashore near Seaside Heights, New Jersey early on October 29th, 2012. The winds, rain and rising sea levels laid waste to homes and infrastructure, forever changing the topography of affected areas.

                     A long forgotten artifact, churned up by the storm, washed ashore to be discovered by a fledgling cultist Jeremiah Allen. The knowledge revealed to him by the Elder Tablet Jeremiah followed in the footsteps of his ancestors as he pursued the dark magicks contained therein.  After his evaluation of Jeremiah seven years later, the attending psychiatrist at Toms River Psychiatric Unit, Dr. Gilbert Halsey contacted an old friend at Miskatonic University. When Dr. Nora Danforth heard, and saw the news, she agreed to travel to Tom’s River to investigate The Elder Tablet.

          With little knowledge of what he was doing, Jeremiah uses the tablet to wake what can only be described as “…a hideous, luminous giant of viscous jet black protoplasmic mass, and iridescent eyes…”

The tale concerns the Elder Tablet, which is an item created by Jason McKittrick, sold seperately at Cryptocurium , or with a copy of the Deluxe Edition of “Eldritch Tides.”  What is the Elder Tablet you may ask… here are the details from Miskatonic University

Click to purchase your own Elder Tablet


Height: 15 Inches; Width: 12 Inches

“Seized during the infamous Innsmouth Raid of 1928, it was said that this item originated from a pre-human race of creatures that inhabited Antarctica when the Earth was young. According to Innsmouth legend, this tablet was brought back by Captain Obed Marsh from one of his many voyages to mysterious South Pacific islands. With aid from an inscription found in Alhazred’s Al Azif, members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon allegedly used this artifact to create Shoggoths for unknown, possibly nefarious purposes.”

Cryptocurium’s largest Lovecraftian shadow box piece to date measuring 12″ x 15″! Comes ready to display in red velvet lined black shadow box with glass and a catalogue tag from Miskatonic University.

Image by Jason McKittrick (Cryptocurium)


This concludes our inside look at “Eldritch Tides,” Go grab a signed copy today from Cryptocurium, with your very own Elder Tablet and relive the events which afflicted Seaside Heights as Lovecraft was celebrated at Providence’s Necronomicon 2019 event!!

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