Tails from the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal

Edited by: Jessica Burke, Anthony Burdge & Christopher Mancuso

Illustrated by Luke Spooner of Carrion House

Excerpts from our Guest Contributors (See Below)
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Tails from the Other Side Panel:
(l to r)
Jessica Burke, Anthony Burdge, Christopher Mancuso, Brian J. Cano and John Zaffis

Paranormal Investigator/Animal Rescuer/Author  Christopher Mancuso and Myth Ink Books teamed up in 2015 for a project dedicated to our animal companions, the love we have for our pets and how that relationship extends beyond the rainbow bridge.  This book highlights stories from our guest contributors and pet owners who have had paranormal experiences after their animal companion passed away.

At one time, we have all benefited from the loving nature of our animal companions. Whether cat, dog, bird or other, our pets have provided much needed love and support. However, it is a heart wrenching, devastating loss when our pet passes away. This project is dedicated to the paranormal experiences you may have had after your animal companion has crossed over to the Other Side. After our pets have passed, many of us can swear we have felt a familiar brush against a leg, heard a familiar bark or meow, or maybe we’ve been witness to another companion left behind play as she once used to with the companion who has passed on. Our animal companions also have a heightened sense of awareness and can track something which we cannot see. Sometimes we’ve been witness to a pet experiencing and reacting to the paranormal. Or sometimes the pet’s ability to sense something Other Worldly precedes our own paranormal pet experience.

This project is contains contributions from leaders in the Paranormal Field
Demonologist, Haunted Collector’s John Zaffis and Brian J. Cano, groundbreaking author/speaker & researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley of Visionary Living, Inc. ,a leading authority on psychic and supernatural topics, author of Conspiracy of Angels, Michelle Belanger, Occult Researcher, “The Ghost Boy of Geneseo,” Chris DiCesare, Artist and Paranormal State’s Eilfie Music, Tim Shaw, Blair Murphy, Patrick Burns, and Sam Baltrusis, read their bio, chapter titles and excerpts below.

Chris_KittehParanormal Investigator, Author/Editor and Filmmaker

Chris’s initial interest in the paranormal began not from an experience, but from films and pages of fiction. As a kid watching films like The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Ghostbusters was the catalyst, an adult writing his own supernatural stories and screenplays, he wondered if there was any truth to be found regarding the existence of paranormal activity.
He began actively investigating the paranormal in 2002, and with his companions Brian J Cano and Greg Cusick, they began to document their explorations and investigations, releasing a series of documentaries titled “SCARED!” It wasn’t until 2009. on an investigation at The Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA, that Chris found what he had been searching for. Not only did he get his paranormal experience, some impressive evidence as well. Because of his experience Chris was also compelled to reevaluate his beliefs.

In 2013 he had another life changing encounter with the spirit of a beloved pet, which caused him and his wife, Catherine, to begin volunteering with Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.  He dedicates much of his free time continuing to save cats from euthanasia at NYC Animal Control Centers.

Contributed Chapters:
Introduction to Tails from the Other Side, The Road to Rescue, People and Pets: Past and Present

Excerpt from the Introduction:
Since I became involved in animal rescue nearly three years ago, I have been trying to come up with new, creative ways to help fund our organization that is how this book came to be.  To give credit where it’s due, my friend John (Ziggity) Zaffis actually suggested writing a book about pets and paranormal to me.  It was a brilliant idea as it incorporates my love for the animals, my passion for writing and my deep interest in the paranormal.  Rather than write the entirety of it myself, I thought it best to make this book a collection of true, other-worldly experiences from pet owners in their own words.

Guest Contributors:

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. Zaffis spent his first years studying under his uncle and aunt Ed and Lorraine Warren, both demonologists.  Mr Zaffis starred in the SyFy paranormal reality TV show, Haunted Collector, and runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England, which he founded in 1998.
Click here to read more Zaffis and his Museum

Contributed Chapter: Interview with Christopher Mancuso
Forming bonds with pets that transcend into the afterlife.
I have a couple of cases where people thought they have had cat spirit in the house and I felt them jump up on my lap or brush against my legs. It’s the craziest thing…even in the afterlife these cats are coming up to me. For the most part, it’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, most of the cases I worked where people are looking for help, these cases aren’t people being victimized by apparitions of malicious pets, but rather some type of negative entity. From my experience, by far and large these types of occurrences with pets visiting their owners tend to be more positive in nature.

Cano_MIBBrian J. Cano
On Haunted Collector, Brian is the Tech Specialist, responsible for the implementation and use of all the gadgets and gear. Best known for mixing old and new techniques of investigating, he often finds himself doing the physical tasks, such as crawling under houses and up into attics. He also serves as second in command of the team and helps manage the deployment of the crew itself. Ultimately, his goal as an investigator is to measure, quantify and get empirical evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity reported while maintaining his skeptical edge.
Within SCARED! his role is that of a parapsychologist; the Scientist.  His belief is that the universe, in all its diversity and complexity, is a system that operates within a set of laws and rules, even if we don’t understand them yet.  This mindset allows him to accept the unknown more readily and attempt to bridge the gap between Science and Faith.
In addition to Haunted Collector and SCARED!, Brian can be found touring the country appearing at paranormal events as well as lecturing on the college circuit during the Fall. 
As an attempt to bring fans behind-the-scenes of Haunted Collector, he started a blog revealing the bits that got cut as well as all the humorous moments and minutia.  Brian’s work has been praised in several publications, including TAPS Paramagazine and Haunted Times Magazine.  Various episodes of SCARED! have won awards at several film festivals, most recently, “Haunted Snug Harbor” which won Best Cinematography at the 2013 Macabre Faire Film Festival.
Read More of Brian’s Work by visiting NeverStopSearching.com

Contributed Chapter: His Name was Beadie
The years were happy ones. Whenever I’d come home, he would meow loudly and impatiently, as if to demand why I’d been gone so long. He would sleep at the foot of my bed at night. He would lie on his back on the floor, contently basking in the sun during the long summer days. During the winter he preferred his spot on the back of the couch. We had our routines. He knew when I was upset. He knew when I was happy. At any time, I could call out, “Where’s that Beadie?” and wherever he was, I would hear his meow. When I would sit at the computer, I would often feel a paw on my thigh. Looking down, I would see he wanted to come and sit on my lap as I worked.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, with more than 60 books published on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias and reference works. She has worked full-time in the field since 1983. Rosemary runs her own independent publishing company, Visionary Living, Inc., and also publishes an e-newsletter, Strange Dimensions. She lectures internationally and makes numerous media appearances.
Click here to read more of her work.

Contributed Chapter: Animals in the Afterlife
Animals have souls, and they do go into an afterlife. They go to the same place as humans, where they can reunite with their human loved ones.  Many people who have lost a beloved pet are visited by their pet in both dreams and in waking consciousness. The return visit is taken as a sign of a loving bond that continues after death. People may hear, smell or see their pet, and even feel a physical but invisible presence. The visits are usually very comforting, and can help ease a person’s grief.

Belanger_PromoMichelle Belanger is most widely recognized for her work on television’s Paranormal State, where she explored abandoned prisons and haunted houses while blindfolded and in high heels. A leading authority on psychic and supernatural topics, her non-fiction research in books like The Dictionary of Demons and The Psychic Vampire Codex has been sourced in television shows, university courses, and numerous publications around the world. She has worked as a media liaison for fringe communities in the occult and paranormal world, performed with gothic and metal bands, and designed immersive live action gaming events for companies such as Wizards of the Coast. Her thrilling paranormal fiction series launches this fall through Titan Books with Conspiracy of Angels.
Michelle resides near Cleveland, Ohio. More information on Michelle and her work can be found at www.michellebelanger.com. She is active on Twitter as @sethanikeem.

Contributed Chapter: A Different Kind of Stray
The most interesting times for me are when Remy and Bliss – the two latest living feline residents – react to her presence. As psychic as I am, I never assume my perceptions are right 100% of the time. I prefer some kind of outside validation. There are a lot of ways our brains can lie to us, especially when it comes to the things that we think we see. But I can’t exactly frontload a cat, and when both Bliss and Remy stare at the place where I suspect Tabitha to be, I count that as confirmation.

DiCesare_PhotoChris Di Cesare – “The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”
As a young college student, Chris Di Cesare’s view of life was forever changed by a series of horrifying events in and around his dorm room: C2D1 at SUNY Geneseo. From early February through late April of 1985, he and his college friends endured what is now referred to as ‘The C2D1 Haunting’.

After almost a quarter century of avoiding the spotlight, in 2009 Di Cesare – convinced by the level of respect and authenticity provided by the Please, Talk with Me film project – finally agreed to share his experience. The film recreates the 1985 events surrounding the photograph that has become known across the internet as the ‘C2D1 ghost’. Following a 2011 college speaking tour, Chris was featured on the SyFy channel’s show “School Spirits”. The episode titled ‘Dorm Room Nightmare’ first aired on June 27th, 2012 and gained national attention.
“Please, talk with me …” premiered at SCARE-A-CUSE in September, 2012 along with a companion book by the Rev. Tim Shaw (foreword by John Zaffis, the Haunted Collector).
An accomplished lecturer who recently appeared on Coast to Coast AM, Di Cesare has released his memoir, Surviving Evidence, (Dark Moon Press), which offers a compelling first-hand accounting of the infamous extreme haunting from the person who found himself at its center … and survived it.
For More Information On Chris Di Cesare Please visit http://dicesare.webs.com/

Contributed Chapter: A Car Full of Waffles
My friends and other visitors marveled at her coloration and her positive demeanor, and a few pointed out that she seemed ‘unusually human’. Waffle would sit at the dinner table, on top of phone books that my children stacked up for her on a chair, and eat her cat food off a dish as the rest of the family ate our meals. She would only venture outside in order to walk beside me in the morning as I put the garbage out, and then follow me back in. The bond between cat and humans grew remarkably strong. And it soon became apparent to me that such a unique cat deserved a name as odd as Waffle.

EilfieMEilfie Music Edwards grew up in a Pagan household where the Occult became synonymous with everyday life. Her father, Dr. James Music was a Ceremonial Magician and artist, which was a huge influence on her budding artistic career as it intermingled with her desire to learn more about the Occult. Both her Mother and Father also instilled her love of reading and collecting books. Most of her interest moved more into not just occult practice but also the investigation of the paranormal. From 2007 until the shows end in 2011 Eilfie was a regular on the A&E series Paranormal State as a researcher and using her occult knowledge. She continues to investigate the paranormal during her off time.  When not tracking down specters in old buildings she is working on her art inspired by years of study and her personal passions. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband Chris, puppy Temujin and kitties.

Contributed Chapter: The Cat Came Back
Beanie’s energy never slowed down, even as he neared eighteen and the end of his life. His health had begun to fail, but he acted like a young happy kitty that stayed close to me like when I was young. Though his passing was not at home, he was brought home to be laid to rest and to be given our last goodbyes. Not long after he passed, however, my family started to have small experiences with his spirit. We would feel him bumping up against us even though nothing was by our legs. We kept thinking it might be one of the other cats passing by our legs.


TimShawTim Shaw is Founder and CEO of Sean Thomas Productions. He is an accomplished Photographer who also enjoys Backwoods Primitive Trekking, Flintknapping, Urban Exploration and is also a skilled Traditional Leather-worker. Tim has authored “The Ghosts of Buffalo; Spirits, Murder, And Mayhem In The Nickel City,” Co-Authored “Haunted Rochester, and has contributed a chapter in Marla Brooks wonderful book “Animal Spells And Magick”. In E.R. Verner’s “Haunted Asylums” Tim has written both the Introduction as well as shared photographs from various locations. His photography also appears in Verner’s newest release “Haunted Prisons.” In his work “Please Talk With Me, The True Story Of The C2D1 Haunting” Tim has researched and written about one of the most devastating negative haunting in the Western New York region. It serves as the official companion book to a movie of the same name!
In 2015 he finished an exciting new book of spirit channeled and inspired writings along with his photography in his latest book “The Dogma Of…..ME,” which was published by Dark Moon Press. His writings have been included in a Just Released Title….” Lost Whispers, A Collective Allegory Of Haunted America.” Tim has been featured on The SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” (The Well of Horror),The Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” (The Betrayal/Fort Niagara), “CBS Radio”(The Wake Up Call, By The Soul, For The Soul, The Astral Bag Lady, and The Psychics Next Door), “Paranormal NY”, Spike Network’s “Ghost Ops” (Fort Mifflin/William Howe), Deftone Pictures Studio’s “Ombis”, “To Catch A Soul”, and “A Grim Becoming”, The Award Winning “Marsh Creek Tramp,” as well as Core Productions Documentary “John Zaffis, The World Within”.  Most recently he has been featured on Destination America’s hit show “Paranormal Lockdown” ( The Hinsdale House episode). Presently he and Eric Charles are filming an exciting new web series entitled “Curiosity.”
Click to Learn More of Tim Shaw

Contributed Chapter: The Laundry Specter
Excerpt:  On one pleasant summer day my long suffering wife Nancy was away and I decided to get some laundry done. After separating the whites from colors I began my work. All was going smoothly until suddenly while transferring a load to the drier I felt something strange. It was as if I were not alone in the basement. Looking around I saw that nothing was out of the ordinary, yet there was just this “feeling” that I had. The only way to describe it was as if I had eyes staring at me.

bio1Patrick Burns is best known for his starring role on TruTV’s (formerly CourtTV’s) Haunting Evidence. For three seasons, Burns was able to apply his vast knowledge of electronics and computer systems toward the goal of documenting paranormal activity. Most recently, he has been seen as a recurring guest judge on Zak Bagans’ Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel.

Burns is one of the most respected and in-demand paranormal researchers today; conducting investigations, lecturing on many topics, and headlining on college campuses from coast to coast.
Click to visit Patrick’s website to read more

Contributed Chapter: SENDING A TWEET
Excerpt:  Within three or four days after Mr. Peeper passed, I was in our master bedroom at the opposite end of the house from where his cage had been. While he was alive, you could always hear his singing echoing throughout the house no matter what room you were in. So, on this day, I was in the bedroom putting up laundry when I heard the unmistakable sound of Mr. Peepers’ song. It was slightly muted, but it was his song.

BlairMurphyBlair Murphy is a filmmaker (Jugular WIne, Zombie Dream), writer (The Werewolf Lotus, The First Noelle), and now owner and host of the Grand Midway Hotel.  He moved here from Los Angeles where he was working as an assistant to Stan Lee of Marvel Films, and as a cameraman for the musician Prince, and writing, producing, and directing his own independent feature films.  He eventually bought the Grand Midway Hotel.  He calls it “A Breathing Canvas” and considers his experiences there a great magical adventure.
For More Information on Blair Murphy and The Grand Midway Hotel Visit www.GrandMidwayHotel.com

Excerpt: One night I heard several cats just on the outside of a third floor room, screeching in the hallway like a sudden big fight had broken out between three or four vicious cats. It was crazy how violent it all sounded. I shot to the door and swung it open. The hall was empty and suddenly still and silent. There were no actual cats. And at the time I had no pets.

SamBSam Baltrusis, author of Ghosts of Boston, Ghosts of Salem and 13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts, is the former editor in chief of several regional publications, including Spare Change News, Scout Somerville and Scout Cambridge. He has been featured as Boston’s paranormal expert on the Biography Channel’s Haunted Encounters. As a side gig, Baltrusis moonlights as a guide. He has launched the successful ghost tours Boston Haunts and Cambridge Haunts and is currently giving the “Myths & Misconceptions” tour with Essex Heritage in Salem. He has three books slotted for release in 2016 including Paranormal Provincetown and Haunted Boston Harbor.
Visit ghostsofsalem.com for more details on Sam Baltrusis.
Visit Sam Baltrusis’ Author Page on Amazon

Contributed Chapter: Phantom Felines at Bunghole Liquors and the Stephen Daniels House in Salem
  For the Halloween capital of the world, Salem’s ghost population is surprisingly small. And furry,” she mused, alluding to the feline spirit allegedly haunting the Stephen Daniels Inn. There’s also an odd incident at the Witch House from 1897 involving photographer Walter Sprange. “In the view presented one of the most woe-begotten, ill-shaped cats,” Sprange wrote, saying a feline spirit was peering out of the open casement. “In another view taken it appears in the doorway.” Apparently, Sprange captured a spectral kitty peeking out of the rear of the Witch House in the late 1800s.


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