Tails From The Other Side Update

531089_1045fe0d00ee4028822084d31337948c.jpg_srz_238_238_85_22_0.50_1.20_0One year ago we launched a new project, Tails From the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal to benefit Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue where all proceeds will be donated. This project was pitched to us by Paranormal Investigator/Director of Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue Christopher Mancuso.  As of July 30th we ended the submission process and are now in the next stage of development for this book.

About Tails From The Other Side:
At one time, we have all benefited from the loving nature of our animal companions. Whether cat, dog, bird or other, our pets have provided much needed love and support. However, it is a heart wrenching, devastating loss when our pet passes away. This project is dedicated to the paranormal experiences our authors have had after their animal companion crossed over to the Other Side.

We are incredibly grateful to our 10 Guest Contributors from varying disciplines in the Paranormal field, authors, investigators, demonologists, television personalities, scholars, and a combination thereof, who have taken time to contribute.

Our guests are familiar names to everyone involved in the Paranormal community:
John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Brian J Cano, Michelle Belanger, Christopher DiCesare, Tim Shaw, and Blair Murphy, Eilfie Music, Patrick Burns, Sam Baltrusis.
Please Click here to read about our Guest Contributors

Additionally we received a great number of submissions from pet owners who have had paranormal experiences after their animal companion passed away. Currently we are reviewing and editing each contribution and shall post a tentative Table of Contents in a few weeks.

Luke Spooner of Carrion House, has provided us with a wonderful illustration for our cover

Cover Art by Luke Spooner
Cover Art by Luke Spooner

Once we have a Table of Contents established within the next few weeks, we will also announce all of the details about pre-ordering Tails from the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal.
Additionally, stay tuned for news about our fall book launch events that will fundraise for Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.

Stay up to date on all our news about Tails From the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal by giving your support with a “like” on our page for this book.

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