Regarding ParaCon for Paws


As our readers are aware, we announced a book project, Tails from the Other Side, last summer, the proceeds of which will be donated to Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue. The title was a collaboration with the Director of Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue/Paranormal Investigator Christopher Mancuso and Myth Ink Books. The first Call for Submissions was posted on August 1st, 2015, and can be read here. Since that announcement, we have had such a wonderful response from pet owners and our guest contributors. There’s been great anticipation about this book and the charity it will benefit. Tails from the Other Side is currently being edited, will be published by this Halloween, and will have pre-order information available later today.
However, we recently became aware that a charity event and organization, ParaCon for Paws not only announced an event entitled, “Tails” from the Other Side, but re-branded their organization’s Facebook page to reflect this change.

We respect the work ParaCon for Paws has done and are doing to benefit “Take Me Home Pet Rescue,” but we need to make our readers aware of this confusing state of affairs. The Myth Ink Books copyrighted title Tails from the Other Side has no affiliation with ParaCon for Paws’ rebranded organization and event of using the same title.  Our project, Tails from the Other Side, is to benefit a local animal charity, SI Hope Animal Rescue, and we do not wish our readers to be at all confused between our project and the now re-branded ParaCon for Paws. In no way is Myth Ink Books or Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue affiliated with ParaCon for Paws.  Our title Tails from the Other Side will contain original contributions and stories from pet guardians and leaders in the paranormal field. It will not contain any discussions or talks from ParaCon for Paws’ upcoming event.
For full details on our Tails from the Other Side project and guest contributors, please see our page here.

We find it too coincidental, not to mention unprofessional, that a new event and organization, which had their first event last spring under the name ParaCon for Paws, only recently rebranded using the title of our volume. We are therefore requesting the organizers of ParaCon for Paws change the title of their event and organization.

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