New Guest Contributor, Deadline Extension: Tails from the Other Side

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January 31, 2016 by Anthony Burdge

We are excited to announce, and honored to have aboard our charity volume Tails from the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal a new Guest Contributor: Artist and Paranormal State’s Occult Researcher Eilfie Music.

Eilfie Music

Eilfie Music

“…From 2007 until the shows end in 2011 Eilfie was a regular on the A&E series Paranormal State as a researcher and using her occult knowledge. She continues to investigate the paranormal during her off time.  When not tracking down specters in old buildings she is working on her art inspired by years of study and her personal passions. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband Chris, puppy Temujin and kitties.…”

About Tails from the Other Side:
Paranormal Investigator/Animal Rescuer Christopher Mancuso (SCARED!)and Myth Ink Books are teaming up to benefit Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue with a project dedicated to pets and the paranormal. At one time, we have all benefited from the loving nature of our animal companions. Whether cat, dog, bird or other, our pets have provided much needed love and support. However, it is a heart wrenching, devastating loss when our pet passes away. This project is dedicated to the paranormal experiences you may have had after your animal companion has crossed over to the Other Side.

Click here to read more of this project

We have extended the deadline to April 2nd, 2016 and have updated our “How to Contribute” section of the project page.  Please review the information carefully if you wish to contribute, download our Questionnaire, and send any questions to:


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