Second Printing: These Black Winged Ones by W.H. Pugmire

We created a second printing of Wilum Pugmire’s THESE BLACK WINGED ONES, which only very limited stock is available. If you do not get them now then you may not be able to do so tomorrow or next week, the initial 100 copy run sold very fast.

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Written by Wilum H. Pugmire
Introduction by Peter Rawlik
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The first release from our line of chapbooks comes from the leading Lovecraftian author of our day with an Introduction by the author of ReAnimators and The Weird Company, Peter Rawlik:

The setting for These Black Winged Ones is found in Section II of Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu,” which is entitled “The Tale of Inspector Legrasse.”

“All denied a part in the ritual murders, and averred that the killing had been done by Black Winged Ones which had come to them from their immemorial meeting-place in the haunted wood.”

Mr. Pugmire’s tale is that of a young woman who is taken to the aforementioned haunted wood by a mad poet, in order to pay homage to the formless white thing that inhabits the hidden lake.  The woman is anxious to dwell there, because she has never learned the art of dreaming, and legend tells that this lake creature inspires mortals to dream.

W.H Pugmire is the author of many Lovecraft inspired stories and books, most recently:

—Author of The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal
—Encounters with Enoch Coffin

Read More of W. H. Pugmire

Visit the haunting work of our illustrator Luke Spooner

Peter Rawlik
Introduction/Author of ReAnimators

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The Sacrifice of Randolph Carter

Sacrifice_RCIf you think “March Madness,” is only a sports reference then you would be utterly and horrifically wrong at your own detriment.  This month Randolph Carter, the disgraced adventurer, speaks to an audience of his peers regarding the terrible and mysterious incidents in which he has been involved and which have claimed the lives of a number of seemingly innocent individuals.

Do you dare listen to his side of the story?

From the twisted mind of Sleepy Hollow Storyteller and Myth Ink Books Author David Neilsen comes a new one man show “The Sacrifice of Randolph Carter.”  We went slightly mad last March when we visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and even more so this January past, when we saw Neilsen’s one man show of “The Call of Cthulhu,” at the Lovecraft Bar NYC.  

Anyone who has seen Neilsen’s show “H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu” will not want to miss “The Sacrifice of Randolph Carter,” which is a chilling story combining two of Lovecraft’s short stories (“The Statement of Randolph Carter” and “From Beyond”) in a single, horrific tale that will leave you screaming for hills, utterly insane! 

Lovely Island  by David Neilsen Illustrated  by Luke Spooner

Lovely Island
by David Neilsen
by Luke Spooner


In honor of the H.P. Lovecraft, who passed away March 15th 1937, Randolph Carter brought his diabolical stories to life at the historic Aldrich House at an event on March 14th in Providence, R.I.

On Thursday March 26th 2015, at the Lovecraft Bar NYC, Neilsen aka Randolph Carter will once again visit upon us all the horrors of his adventures.

Click Here to Purchase tickets

Cannot attend on March 26th? Then you can join Myth Ink Books as we journey to the home of the Headless Horseman, Sleepy Hollow, New York where Neilsen shall be performing at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Saturday, April 25th 2015

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

540 North Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Get your tickets now and you can read more of David Neilsen’s mind mending, bizarre tales in our recent publications:

“Leaking,” Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York (Click Here to Purchase)

Lovely Island, a Lovecraft inspired chapbook (Click Here to Purchase)

Click Here to Visit David Neilsen’s Website

Editorial Services Offered at Myth Ink Books

Myth Ink Logo-2Myth Ink Books is pleased to announce that we are now offering Editorial Services.  Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jessica Burke, Website and PR Coordinator Anthony S Burdge, and Assistant Editor Laura Kemmerer are happy to help you get your writing project in shape.

Over the years, we’ve seen how the industry has changed.  Some changes have been for the good in terms of more opportunities for authors to self-publish.  Publishing is no longer a gate-keeper industry. If it was Myth Ink Books wouldn’t be here. (Wink wink nudge nudge).  Some changes have been for the bad: specifically, the lack of good, solid editing.  We want to offer you our expertise and our support.

Click Here to read more about the services we can offer you and our rates.

Series Writers for Star Trek: Anthology


Hailing Frequencies Open!

Stardate 15027.12

We are very happy to announce that we have been brought aboard the new Star Trek Production: Star Trek Anthology as Series Writers. This is a fantastic opportunity and we are incredibly grateful, and humbled, to be a part of this family of Star Trek fans and filmmakers.
This article will serve an an Introduction to Star Trek Anthology and our roles within the production, which are Series Writers (credited on IMDB and the Star Trek Anthology Cast & Crew Page).  We are currently working on the Script for MOTHER, a Pilot Episode of Star Trek Anthology detailed below
As our readers may know we are also members of Fleet 31, a Star Trek Fan Organization, and are Senior Staff of the USS Growler, the NYC Chapter of Fleet 31, which is supporting and endorsing Star Trek Anthology

Star Trek Anthology is a new unique and exciting webseries in the world of Trek based in the TOS STAR TREK universe. Think Trek + Twilight Zone + a pinch of Galaxy Quest = ANTHOLOGY.

From Jim Bray, Chief Executive Producer and Creator of “Star Trek Anthology:”

You may remember in the 1970’s, NBC had an interesting anthology series called the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie.  Each week, it would feature a different detective story.  There was “Macmillan and Wife” starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James, “Heck Ramsey” starring Richard Boone, “McCloud” starring Dennis Weaver, and who can forget “Columbo” starring Peter Falk. 

The concept for “Star Trek Anthology” will be very much the same.  Each segment of the series will take place primarily in the original Trek series period.  Our premier episode will feature our tent-pole production, “Starship Challenger,” the story of Captain JM Colt and the crew of the Challenger, a Miranda-Class Starship, as they explore the outer rim of the galaxy…but that is where Trek canon ends.  
Where Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” was a “Wagon Train to the Stars,” Challenger is more of an “Express Train to the Twilight Zone.”  Throw in a pinch of “Galaxy Quest” and “Outer Limits.”

(click here to read more from Jim Bray at

What episodes of Anthology are In Production and Development?

Below you will find details on current episodes In Production and Development.  Currently my wife Jessica Burke & I (Anthony Burdge) are writing, with series Creator Jim Bray, the Pilot for MOTHER (see details below)

Starship Challenger: Another Door Opens (Pilot)

Written by Jim Bray

After surviving the battle of Parellax II, Commander J.M. Colt is promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the USS CHALLENGER. Enroute to their patrol sector, the CHALLENGER stumbles into a spatial anomaly inside of which they discover another ship, and energy-devouring creatures try to keep them both there.

Starship Challenger: Logical Solution
Written by Jim Bray

While traveling to the Outer Rim, CHALLENGER is ordered to investigate a malfunctioning subspace transceiver on planetoid P-14-J. While beaming down Carmichael and the Vulcan ensign, Sokaal, the ship is attacked by the D’Karr; a warrior race who have laid claim to the planetoid. Colt Leads the D’Karr on a merry chase. Meanwhile, Carmichael is injured during the beamdown, and it is up to Sokaal to make some very mature decisions if the repair mission is to succeed.

Starship Challenger: Calling Home (Vignette)

Written by Jim Bray
As the CHALLENGER prepares to leave Federation space beyond the range of subspace communication, Admiral Sinclair advises Captain Colt to have her crew call their loved ones, since it will be a long while before they’re heard from again. We watch as each of the command crew calls home from their quarters, and the results are a mixture of comedy and poignancy.

Assignment Earth: Case 0300 Floodgates
Written by Jim Bray
Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln rush to Washington D.C. and are caught up in the Watergate scandal. While considering if it should happen or should be undone, they stumble across the mysterious and intimidating Agent Smith, who may not be as he appears. Miss Lincoln confronts Gary about his over-protectiveness and holding back information from her.

Mother: Mother Knows Best (Pilot)
Written by Jessica Burke, Anthony Burdge, & Jim Bray

A story about a family-run merchant cargo ship, “URSA MARU”. A lumbering beast of a vessel, it’s been cobbled and retrofitted a hundred times over from countless Federation vessel parts. The idea here is that the family is a hard-scrabble bunch that works the shipping lanes that come in close proximity to Orion pirates and other unsavory characters.

LOTS of potential for high space adventure/morality play stories, in a similar vein to Firefly. In the pilot, Orion pirates storm the vessel in search of valuable cargo and MOM takes a dim view of the invasion.

Who is starring in Star Trek: Anthology? Who are the Cast & Crew involved in the Production?

Here are a few highlights from the Cast and Crew of Star Trek Anthology, for a full listing of the extensive Actor & Production Credits Click Here

James has worked with Starship AJAX and Star Trek New Voyages Phase II as a makeup artist, set designer and prop maker. He’s very grateful and excited for this opportunity to produce a new show through Retro Film Studios.

Jodi Ballinger Bray (Captain Jamie Mia “JM” Colt)
Jodi has been involved in theatre since The Music Man in high school and on and off for the past 30 years. This is Jodi’s first foray into the film arts, and she finds the differences in being in front of the camera and on stage to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. She’s excited about playing a StarShip Captain – an honor bestowed upon very few – and promises to keep her portrayal of JM Colt’s character very true to canon of what a StarShip Captain should be. Jodi’s biggest and most important role is that of Mom of a son and daughter.

I was too young to really understand Star Trek when it first came out. Too cerebral for a little kid. I got into TNG in the beginning as a way to have similar interests with my husband – a semi-rabid Trekkie – so we could spend time together. It kinda grew on me. I got involved with Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2 with Jim and loved what they were doing. We were previously involved in another Trek fan film production out in Oklahoma (StarShip Ajax), but when those plans fell through we decided to do our ‘own thing’.” Jodi is gainfully employed in the healthcare profession and resides in northern Vermont with husband Jim and family, their obese beagle/dachshund mix Chloe and Shadow, their black kitty.

Alex “A.J.” McDonald (Director of Photography)
Alex is a 20 year, retired Navy Veteran, and lifelong Star Trek fan. Currently pursuing his BFA in Digital Media and Film production at Long Island University. Alex became involved in Anthology, when he met series Creator James Bray while working on Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. After hearing the project details, he knew he would get involved, in any capacity needed.

I wasn’t really thinking about being DP, it just kind of fell into my lap”, said McDonald. “Working with this crew, in particular Kent Schmidt, Scott Johnson of G&E, Bill Lutz and the rest of the team, we will strive to give all the classic shots, as well as some new and different looks.” he continued. “I’m just thrilled to be a part of this team, it’s going to be exciting. I grew up with TOS, in grade school, we’d play Starfleet and Klingons, not Cops and Robbers.”

Brian Covault (Consulting Producer)

Brian Covault is a consulting producer and 2nd Assistant Director for Star Trek: Anthology. Brian learned about Anthology through Star Trek: Phase II, where he has been a member of the Grip and Electric team since 2010. Brian has been a fan of Star Trek TOS since the 70’s and is a fan of sci-fi in general.
When he isn’t helping make Star Trek, Brian works as a database developer and system administrator. Brian enjoys computer programming, watching baseball, writing and spending time with his two families – his biological family and his Phase II / Anthology family.

Where can you read more about Star Trek Anthology and Sign up for their Newsletter?
Click here to visit the Star Trek Anthology website

Is there a trailer or videos available for Star Trek Anthology?

Yes, below is the Master Trailer & Playlist for Star Trek Anthology

Stay Tuned for More Updates from us concerning Star Trek Anthology

Call for Stories: Legends of Sleepy Hollow


David Neilsen from his One Man Call of Cthulhu show at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Recently we featured news concerning the work of Sleepy Hollow, New York Storyteller David Neilsen and his one man Call of Cthulhu show at the Lovecraft Bar. We have worked with David on two projects thus far, his story “Leaking” was published within our latest anthology Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York and his creepy story Lovely Island was the second in our line of chapbooks.

David Neilsen is a prolific writer and storyteller, and has created a new short story anthology that will be published this Fall via Myth Ink Books, LEGENDS OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.

Below you will find the Call for Stories Submission Guidelines, please read through them and if you have any questions send all inquiries to the email indicated below.

Legends of Sleepy Hollow Submission Guidelines

Ever since Washington Irving published The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 1820, the region has become synonymous with ghost stories. But there’s a lot more horror in Sleepy Hollow than what’s in Irving’s story, and more demons at play within this idyllic land than just a single headless horseman.

We’re looking for original horror stories set in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The time period for your story is up to you– past, present, future, alternate history– but it must take place whole or in part within Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is a real place, with a real history, so do your homework. For example, while it has always been an unofficial name of the region, the Village itself was not officially named Sleepy Hollow until 1996.

Scare us, creep us out, give us the shivers, make us laugh. Be Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, Victorian, Steampunk, whatever. Just set your story in Sleepy Hollow.


1. Any & all submissions must be set in & around Sleepy Hollow, New York.

2. No gratuitous sex, violence, or profanity

3. No pornography of any kind. If you include sex in your story, it must be important to the story– and must abide by rule #2.

4. No stories centered on rape, torture or child molestation. We’re not interested.

5. No fan fiction (stay away from the world of the TV show and the Tim Burton film).

6. Your story must be a complete story– we’re not interested in excerpts.

7. It must be your ORIGINAL work.

8. Do NOT include any artwork

Interested? Sweet! Read on.


  • Stories should be between 2,000 and 8,000 words.
  • All stories must be titled
  • Edit and format your work according to MLA standards. And, please use only American Standard English punctuation and spelling. We will reject your work if it has not been edited or proofread for language.
  • Also, please use a standard size black font when submitting your work.
  • Include your name, contact information, and word count on the first page of your story. If you submit your story using a pseudonym, you MUST note that it is a pseudonym AND include your full real name.
  • No reprints, simultaneous, or multiple submissions.
  • Please include a short bio in your cover letter.
  • Send your story as an attachment to your email. We accept .DOC, .DOCX files only. NO .PDF or .txt files please.

Email your submission to

with the subject of: “SUBMISSION- [your story title].”


We plan to offer a token $5 payment and ONE contributor’s copy of the final anthology (upon publication of the volume). We will also offer a contributor discount on any additional copies you wish to purchase when purchased through us directly.


To be considered for this volume, we must have received your submission no later than May 1st 2015.


We’ll try to get back to you within 30 days from the close of submissions, please do not email us with regards to the status of your work until after that time.

Any other questions can be directed to


Review: “These Black Winged Ones”, by W.H. Pugmire

Anthony Burdge:

This made our day, a review of These Black Winged Ones, by Wilum Pugmire, our 1st chapbook with an Introduction by Peter Rawlik, Illustrated by Luke Spooner. Thank you to Matthew Carpenter for the review, Mike Davis and the Lovecraft ezine for publishing it!

Originally posted on Lovecraft eZine:

The following review is by Matthew Carpenter.

These Black Winged Ones by W.H. Pugmire is a chapbook issued by Myth Ink Books. It is a limited edition with only 100 copies printed. I think some may still be available from the publisher, for the astonishing bargain price of $9.00.

First I need to say that the production values are marvelous. The cover art by Luke Spooner is gorgeous and perfectly evocative for the story. The introduction by Peter Rawlik is almost as long as the story itself and it was quite moving. In fact I think it was the most poetic prose I have ever read by Mr. Rawlik. He echoed my thoughts about Wilum almost exactly.

And now we come to the story itself. It originates from some passages in The Call of Cthulhu by Lovecraft, from the “The Tale of Inspector Legrasse”.

There were legends of a hidden…

View original 234 more words

NYC Tolkien Moot 2015 Call For Papers

Frodo & The Ring Script  by Catherine Sparsidis

Frodo & The Ring Script
by Catherine Sparsidis

Welcome Travelers of Middle-earth!

Many of our readers may know for several years we ran “The Northeast Tolkien Society,” which held numerous meetings and events in the New York City area.  We placed the group on hiatus for a time as we were under contract to complete our first 2 books via the Independent Press Kitsune Books.  Since then local Tolkien fans have established their own regular meetings to discuss all things Tolkien.

Unfortunately, our editor, the Tolkien Scholar and Author Anne Petty, closed Kitsune Books due to illness and passed away shortly thereafter.  Since then we have been busy using her guiding principles to establish Myth Ink Books.

Now we are working with Baruch College Librarian and Author, Chris Tuthill to establish an annual Tolkien Conference in New York City. Below you will find the Call for Papers, venue, date, time and how to propose a presentation.

Keynote Speaker: Janet Brennan Croft

Janet Brennan Croft is the Head of Access and Delivery Services and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University Libraries.   She is the author of War in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien (Praeger, 2004; winner, Mythopoeic Society Award for Inklings Studies). She has also written on the Peter Jackson films, J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Lois McMaster Bujold, and other authors, and is editor or co-editor of five collections of literary essays.  She edits the refereed scholarly journal Mythlore and serves on the board of the Mythopoeic Press. Her current project is the edited collection Baptism of Fire: The Birth of British Fantasy in World War I.

Stay Tuned to this website (and Conference Page) in coming weeks for Programming Announcements

If you have any questions after reading this Call for Papers do not hesitate to contact us at the email below.

Call for Papers:

New York City Tolkien Conference


WHEN: Saturday June 13th, 2015 10pm-5pm

WHERE: Baruch College

One Bernard Way

55 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010



TOPICS: J.R.R. Tolkien: his life, works, influences

The Conference’s theme is centered on Tolkien. However, the organizers have an open ended topic submission policy. We are open to discussions of Tolkien from the author’s life to his works to his influences to the fandom surrounding his work and so forth. The Conference Organizers do seek to include as many presenters as possible, therefore we ask that accepted presentations range from 15 to 30 minutes in length. No discussions of over 30 minutes will be accepted. Presenters must also be prepared to field audience Q&A, which will be attached to each presentation.

Topics to Consider but not limited to: (Don’t see a topic you wish to present? Propose it to us)

  • Early Influences that inspired Tolkien’s Work (Literary, Historical, Personal Experiences)

  • Landscapes that Shaped Middle-earth (Tolkien’s immediate surroundings, travels, etc)

  • Tolkien’s Sub-Creative Process, from early writings and how this shaped his later tales.

  • Tolkien & The Inklings: (How this group helped shape primarily Tolkien’s work, but other members as well)

  • Posthumous Publications: In recent years we have seen numerous releases by Tolkien’s son Christopher, The Fall of Arthur, The Children of Hurin, and most recently Beowulf. Papers can focus on one particular publication or all of them as a whole.

  • Tolkien and Pop Culture, how has The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien’s work been a part of our culture.

  • Tolkien and Music (From Classical Music, to Heavy Metal & Classic Rock)

  • Tolkien and Gaming (How Tolkien’s work has inspired Fantasy table top, role playing and video games)

  • Films based on Tolkien’s work: The Hobbit , The Lord of the Rings live-action & animated films, along with fan films based on Tolkien’s work.

Email a detailed proposal of at least 150-500 words either in the body of an email or via attachment. If you send an attachment, that attachment MUST have your name in the file name and must be either a .txt or .doc file. Include with every proposal brief information on who you are, any publications you may have, where you may be contacted, and if you have presented at a conference before. Please make sure the email you’re using is one where you can be reached in a timely fashion.

Send this information to with “your last name and Tolkien Conference,” in the Subject Heading.

Deadline for Submissions April 7th 2015


Anthony Burdge & Jessica Burke

Myth Ink Books & The Northeast Tolkien Society

Chris Tuthill

Baruch College Librarian

Myth Ink Books Contributing Author

NETS-banner copy

Coming in 2015 From Myth Ink Books

Myth Ink Logo-2Happy New Year!

We hope you all had happy and safe Holiday and New Year Celebrations. We are very grateful to everyone who supported us in 2014 and want to give you a brief outlook at what to expect in 2015.

Winter/Spring 2015


“The Brother’s Poe,” by Poe Forevermore Magazine Publisher/Actor and Artist Mark Redfield, which is a story concerning Edgar Allan Poe and his brother Henry. Details coming soon!

“Seeking the Lord,” by Dr. Jared Lobdell, author of A Tolkien Compass, and numerous works on Tolkien and the Inklings. Details Coming Soon!

“The Worms Go In, The Wyrm Goes Out,” by Anthony S Burdge — a tale surrounding missing pages from De Vermis Mysteriis set on Staten Island.

2) Anthologies:

Forgotten Leaves: Essays from A Smial, potentially to be Released as a 2 volume set, in June at the NYC Tolkien Conference we are co-organizing with Chris Tuthill. Mr. Tuthill, is a librarian at Baruch College, where the conference will be held, and an author with Myth Ink Books.  The NYC Tolkien Conference, announced here first (Details to follow very soon) will be held June 12th, 2015 12pm-5pm at Baruch College.  It will feature a Keynote Speaker and presenters discussing Tolkien, his life and work. This conference will also launch Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial

Doctor Who and the Ambassadors of Geekdom: our volume dedicated to all things Doctor Who, written by fans for fans, will be released later this year, we hope over the summer, if not we may if accepted launch it at Long Island Doctor Who Convention 3 in November

Dark Tales from Elder Regions 2: We will be sending out the call for stories very soon for release later this year

Legends of Sleepy Hollow: The brainchild of Sleepy Hollow Storyteller, and Myth Ink Books Author David Neilsen, which will be an open submission for horror stories based in and around Sleepy Hollow, New York

3) New Imprint “Green and Growing.”

For a few years now, we have been blogging about our interests in natural remedies, urban homesteading, disaster preparedness, environmental activism, Shamanism & Plant Medicines over at Green and

The blog took a small hiatus as we developed and launched Myth Ink Books. Now in 2015 we plan to fold our blog into Myth Ink Books as a new Imprint.  Over the course of the year we plan to release ebooks & print editions of all of our articles, expanded with new material, and wholly new books in accordance with the Green and Growing theme.

We will also be soliciting for new authors to contribute to the Green and Growing Imprint

4) Events:

a) We will be attending David Neilsen’s One Man Call of Cthulhu Show on Tuesday January 13th, 2015 8pm-10pm, which will take place at the Lovecraft Bar NYC.  On sale from us will be David’s book that accompanies the show, “Forbidden Knowledge,” David’s chapbook, “Lovely Island,” Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York, and Wilum Pugmire’s “These Black Winged Ones.”


b) August 20-23rd, 2015 we will be vendors at Necronomicon, An International Conference and Festival of Weird Fiction, Art and Academia, which celebrates the work of H.P. Lovecraft and this year celebrating his 125th birthday.

Be sure to get your tickets, hotel and travel sorted as this event sells quick!



So that is just part of what we have planned for 2015, so stay tuned for all the individual announcements and further details!


Anthony and Jessica


Customer Appreciation Coupons

If you have followed us on social media, primarily Facebook & Twitter, then perhaps you know already we have coupons for a % off your purchase.

Or perhaps you do not know :-)

We are very grateful to everyone for their recent orders and we wish to thank our customers for their patronage.

Right now, on any order you can get 10% off at our online shop using the code WHPMYBTBW which is good until December 31st 2014.

When you place your order at 10% off you will receive another coupon code via email, and on your packing slip once the order is processed and shipped, an additional 20% off, which does not expire until March 2015

So take advantage now, CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR ONLINE SHOP and get copies of our latest titles such as:

Lovely Island  by David Neilsen Illustrated  by Luke Spooner

Lovely Island
by David Neilsen
by Luke Spooner

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

These Black Winged Ones written by Wilum H. Pugmire, Illustrated by Luke Spooner

These Black Winged Ones written by Wilum H. Pugmire, Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Visit my store on Storenvy

Travel the Macabre & Unusual with Eerie America!

Many of our readers know that in our fiction we tend to utilize historical locations that have a creepy, paranormal, weird and eerie vibe to them.  It is not the case for all of our stories, but most, such as in our latest anthology of urban horror, “Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York.

If you enjoy fiction that brings you to unique historical locations then you will definitely wish to visit these real life places right from your own home.  Myth Ink Books is getting behind a Travel documentary that will do just that for you.

Eerie America Travel Guide of the Macabre series  is currently seeking funding to assist in production of an ongoing series available to fans on DVD.

Eerie America by Corvis Nocturnum

Eerie America has been hailed, the book & now the forthcoming travel documentary series as “….the Travel Guide for The Addams Family,” and is “…geared towards educating people on the unique historic locations, fun facts, and promote tourism to some of the most incredible spots across the nation. Eerie America’s special niche is in defining and exploring Dark Tourism – which celebrates the macabre, the unusual, and the strange.”  This is exactly what we promote and write about in our stories.  Myth Ink Books fully endorses this project as THE travel series to enthrall your sense of real life macabre adventure, to satisfy your desire for delving mysteries of the unknown and  edge of your seat drama from some of the most secluded places in our nation.

With Eerie America you will visit:

• Museums and themed diversions, such as The Amityville Horror House, New Orleans Voodoo Museum and Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and much more!

• Examples of Fine Dining include Zombie Burger and Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant and Bar.

• Examples of Lodging include The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, The Shanley Hotel.

• Examples of Shopping include Five Hands Curiosity Shoppe and Boutique du Vampire.

Between the show and the companion book, published via Schiffer Publishing, the viewer is invited to continue the journey…the adventure has just begun! The first season is going to go from the French Quarter of New Orleans to Saint Augustine Florida, with a second season planned for Salem MA to Rhode Island and New York where we will thrill you with stories on Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, to name some of the shows highlights.

The cast and crew includes author Eric Vernor ‘Corvis Nocturnum,‘  author and law professor Kevin Eads, and Resident Undead star Rebecca Kirschbaum.  Music score composed theme music and background for the show by Joseph Vargo of Nox Arcana, and directed by Resident Undead’s Adam Kimmell

Like a documentary, occasionally special celebrity guests who have knowledge about a topic or location will make an appearance, such as special guests author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Monster Quest’s Ken Gerhard, Paranormal State’s Michelle Belanger, Haunted Collectors Brian J. Cano, Haunted Encounters Daniel Hooven and many others!

EerieAmericaAs you can see from the description we borrowed from their IndieGogo Campaign, Eerie America is set to explore far more than have been featured in our literature, and also includes many names that have been involved in our publications.

We hope you consider contributing and not only getting some fantastic rewards for your donation but travel with us as we explore Eerie America!

Below you can watch the 7 minute video introduction to the series and CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE


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