Back from Hiatus. Where have we been?

Greetings everyone!
Myth Ink Books returns this fall with a new publication!

As many of our readers know Myth Ink Books is a 2 person Independent micropress, which has published several fiction and non-fiction titles. However, we had to take a break from new projects for a short bit, but we have not been idle! Read on, and afterward see how you can win a free audiobook of The Friendly Horror!

Our site is going through a re-design as well, please mind the paint!

In 2018 we worked with Who Dares Publishing on an essay anthology dedicated to Douglas Adams. You and 42: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Douglas Adams was published in May of 2018 an proceeds are donated to Save The Rhino International.  (READ MORE)

Shortly after the release of You and 42 we were contacted by The Morgan Library and Museum about their forthcoming Tolkien Exhibition.  As 2/3 of the New York Tolkien Conference team we were thrilled to work with The Morgan Library on their Tolkien Symposium and related projects.  The organization and planning took several months and everyone’s efforts came to fruition in March of 2019 when we held “Tolkien Weekend.”  This 2 day event consisted of Internationally attended conferences, one at The Morgan (Saturday) and the other at our usual conference home Baruch College (Sunday), which our awesome Conference partner Librarian/Author Chris Tuthill arranged.  Beyond Tolkien Weekend we participated in The Morgan’s Long Expected Party where Middle-earth Minstrel John DiBartolo and the Lonely Mountain Band performed.  We have yet to do a wrap up article for the Conference website, which shall be remedied soon, click here to read more of the New York Tolkien Conference. 

It is now November 2019 and there is a new publication on the horizon! We are not going to state anything more than it is a joint effort with an artist, his story concept, written by Jessica and myself.  The book is a work of fiction, and has very eldritch themes. The announcement of this project, details and more is imminent.


While you await news of our latest publication, why don’t you check out The Friendly Horror audiobook by following us on Instagram

Click the logo, follow us on instagram, comment here that you have done so, and we shall send you a code to redeem your free download of The Friendly Horror.   This is open only to the first 25 to follow us on Instagram.

The Friendly Horror
Read by Mars Homeworld

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