“The Ghost Boy of Geneseo,” Chris DiCesare, joins Tails from the Other Side

We are honored to add Chris DiCesare, author of Surviving Evidence: Memoir of an Extreme Haunting to our growing list of Guest Contributors for Tails from the Other Side, which is a charity book to benefit Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue and concerns pets and the paranormal. As a young college student, Chris Di Cesare’sContinue reading ““The Ghost Boy of Geneseo,” Chris DiCesare, joins Tails from the Other Side”

Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books

Greetings everyone! Happy New Year! We were on a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays and hope your holidays were cheerful and bright as ours were.  We ended 2013 with the release of our 30 Track Audiobook of The Friendly Horror, which is now available ONLY FOR $7. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.Continue reading “Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books”

Content & Social Media Updated

Greetings, As per our previous post, this website is still under construction. However, it is moving along quite rapidly.  We have added drop down menus for reviews of our publications, information pages in our Print Catalog area and added various social media outlets to follow us across the internet. Plus right on the front pageContinue reading “Content & Social Media Updated”

Welcome To Myth Ink Books

Greetings Traveler, Welcome to the new home of Myth Ink Books. You may already be familiar with our publications and work, perhaps you have visited our Geek Blog Comfy Chair, which was formerly the home of Myth Ink Books.  Or you may be new to us entirely and are looking for more information on whoContinue reading “Welcome To Myth Ink Books”