Announcing: Glamour, YA novel coming March 2014

Congrats to Andrea Janes, our co-editor/co-author for our forthcoming book Boroughs of the Dead Vol 2. Andrea has announced that her first YA novel “Glamour,” due March 18th from World Weaver Press.

World Weaver Press

Coming Soon with World Weaver PressWe’re pleased to announce that Glamour, a YA urban fantasy by Andrea Janes, will be released March 18, 2014.

Stealing the life she’s always wanted is as easy as casting a spell.

Townie. That’s what eighteen-year-old Christina Sundy is. All year round she lives in a one-stoplight town on Cape Cod, and when summer comes, she spends her days scooping ice cream for the rich tourists she hates. So when one of them takes a job in the ice cream shop alongside her, she’s pissed. Why does a blonde and perky Harvard-bound rich girl like Reese Manning want to scoop ice cream anyway?

Something else weird is happening to Christina: tiny blue sparks seem to be shooting off her fingers. It isn’t long before she realizes the truth about herself — she’s actually a powerful hereditary witch. But her newfound powers are too intense for her to handle and, in…

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Audiobook Coming Soon From Myth Ink Books

Within the next day or so we shall be officially launching the 1st in our audio book catalog: The Friendly Horror read by Mars Homeworld We shall also have an official announcement with this launch concerning freelance illustrator Luke Spooner joining Myth Ink Books.  The Friendly Horror will initially be available as a Digital Download …

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Holiday E-book Sales on Doctor Who, Friendly Horror & Gaiman

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! The first of our Holiday promotions is now underway. You can get our titles for just $.99 for your Kindle Device/App, iPad, or other book reading devices. Just click on the Kindle or Smashwords Buttons to purchase these books. The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales Our Collection of Weird, Strange and Profound …

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Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge ‘The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales’ Review

A great review recently posted of The Friendly Horror and other weird Tales. Many thanks to Matt at Horror Novel Reviews

Horror Novel Reviews

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Written by: Matt Molgaard

In my time doing this, I’ve quickly learned that Weird Fiction is typically synonymous with mediocre writing and poorly developed tales. But that isn’t quite applicable in regards to Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge’s collection of trippy narratives, The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales. These two can actually write, and some of their concepts, while certainly strange, are quite well conceived. This collection won’t appeal to everyone, but there’s some material here that plenty are going to enjoy consuming.

Among my personal favorites are A Guide to Acclimating New Felines to their New Home, which is just wildly outlandish but strangely fun; the kind of story you’ve got to read to really grasp. Hungry Snow – a tale that gives new meaning, and new life, to lively storms. And, my pick for standout effort, the titular piece, The Friendly Horror. This one holds direct…

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Content & Social Media Updated

Greetings,As per our previous post, this website is still under construction. However, it is moving along quite rapidly.  We have added drop down menus for reviews of our publications, information pages in our Print Catalog area and added various social media outlets to follow us across the internet. Plus right on the front page you …

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