(Call for Submissions) Tails from the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal

Pets and the Paranormal
Call for Submissions

Paranormal Investigator/Animal Rescuer Christopher Mancuso and Myth Ink Books are teaming up to benefit Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue with a project dedicated to pets and the paranormal. The following details the project, submission requirements, how to submit and guest contributors.

At one time, we have all benefited from the loving nature of our animal companions. Whether cat, dog, bird or other, our pets have provided much needed love and support. However, it is a heart wrenching, devastating loss when our pet passes away. This project is dedicated to the paranormal experiences you may have had after your animal companion has crossed over to the Other Side. After our pets have passed, many of us can swear we have felt a familiar brush against a leg, heard a familiar bark or meow, or maybe we’ve been witness to another companion left behind play as she once used to with the companion who has passed on. Our animal companions also have a heightened sense of awareness and can track something which we cannot see. Sometimes we’ve been witness to a pet experiencing and reacting to the paranormal. Or sometimes the pet’s ability to sense something Other Worldly precedes our own paranormal pet experience.

We’re happy to announce that this project is supported by, and will have contributions from Demonologist, Haunted Collector’s John Zaffis and groundbreaking author/speaker & researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley of Visionary Living, Inc.

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. Zaffis spent his first years studying under his uncle and aunt Ed and Lorraine Warren, both demonologists. Mr Zaffis starred in the SyFy paranormal reality TV show, Haunted Collector, and runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England, which he founded in 1998. Click here to read more of his work and the Museum of the Paranormal

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, with more than 60 books published on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias and reference works. She has worked full-time in the field since 1983. Rosemary runs her own independent publishing company, Visionary Living, Inc., and also publishes an e-newsletter, Strange Dimensions. She lectures internationally and makes numerous media appearances. Click here to read more of her work.

Requirements, How to Contribute, and Compensation:

In order to contribute to Tails from the Other Side you do not have to be a paranormal investigator, part of an investigation, a member of a paranormal team, nor do you have to be a published writer.

What is required is your real life paranormal experience of a deceased pet, your having been witness to your current animal companion having a paranormal experience, or an experience of a similar nature involving a pet (past or present). We do NOT want secondary or tertiary accounts and NO FICTION. We DO WANT firsthand accounts.

We ask that the experience be documented in written form. If you are interested in submitting your experience to this collection, please send us a query with a brief description of your experience (no more than 200 words). If your submission is of interest, we will discuss with you how we will proceed. If you need assistance with the completion of your contribution we will work with you. You do NOT need to be a writer to contribute.

All finalized contributions should be a minimum of 1000 words and should be no more than 5000 words. However, if your contribution exceeds 5000 words we are open to discussion.

We are not offering contributors monetary payment as a portion of the proceeds will benefit Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue. All contributors will receive a copy of the final published book and a contributor’s discount on purchases for additional copies.

Please send all inquiries and completed submissions to mythinkbooks@gmail.com

The Deadline is February 1, 2016.

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