The Friendly Horror Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE

Carbon Type
Album Cover Art by Luke Spooner

We are very happy to launch the 1st in our Audiobook line with:


30 Tracks, .pdf Liner Notes

$7 via Bandcamp

Click image to purchase

Recording, Sound Design, & Music by:
Mars Homeworld, Dead House Music

Written by: Jessica Burke & Anthony Burdge

Illustrations by:
Luke Spooner, Carrion House

The Friendly Horror is a contemporary follow up to H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadows Over Innsmouth. This tale is a deceptively titled novella from our collection, The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales and is a generational tale of an Innsmouth family with an insidious plan to change humanity forever.

“Burdge and Burke describe the transition and journey to
Y’ha-nthlei the way C.S. Lewis describes Narnia.”
–Kris Lugosi, The Horror Society

Full Album Illustration by Luke Spooner
Full Album Illustration by Luke Spooner

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