Greetings Readers! In two weeks your friendly neighborhood Myth Ink Books Editor/Author Anthony Burdge, yes me, shall be turning 42 years of age! So, I am in a rather hobbit-ish mood, and thinking ahead to my birthday I have decided to place our audiobook of The Friendly Horror ON SALE FOR ONLY $1.99 Written byContinue reading “AUDIOBOOK SALE: THE FRIENDLY HORROR $1.99”

The Friendly Horror Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE

We are very happy to launch the 1st in our Audiobook line with: “THE FRIENDLY HORROR” 30 Tracks, .pdf Liner Notes $7 via Bandcamp Recording, Sound Design, & Music by: Mars Homeworld, Dead House Music Written by: Jessica Burke & Anthony Burdge Illustrations by: Luke Spooner, Carrion House The Friendly Horror is a contemporary followContinue reading “The Friendly Horror Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE”