Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge ‘The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales’ Review

A great review recently posted of The Friendly Horror and other weird Tales. Many thanks to Matt at Horror Novel Reviews

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Written by: Matt Molgaard

In my time doing this, I’ve quickly learned that Weird Fiction is typically synonymous with mediocre writing and poorly developed tales. But that isn’t quite applicable in regards to Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge’s collection of trippy narratives, The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales. These two can actually write, and some of their concepts, while certainly strange, are quite well conceived. This collection won’t appeal to everyone, but there’s some material here that plenty are going to enjoy consuming.

Among my personal favorites are A Guide to Acclimating New Felines to their New Home, which is just wildly outlandish but strangely fun; the kind of story you’ve got to read to really grasp. Hungry Snow – a tale that gives new meaning, and new life, to lively storms. And, my pick for standout effort, the titular piece, The Friendly Horror. This one holds direct…

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