Now Available: Horror Art Schwag from Myth Ink Books


Illustrated by Luke Spooner
“Silas,” Illustrated by Luke Spooner

IA! IA! Hail Readers!
We are excited to announce that selected illustrations from our Lovecraftian horror anthologies, Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York and The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales are now available on T-shirts, mugs, poster prints and other items. The illustrations come from the eldritch mind of Luke Spooner of Carrion House and were featured in the above cited titles.

Myth Ink Books has opened a RedBubble store and all proceeds support our operations. A selection of 9 illustrations are now available. If there is an illustration you would like to see and do not see it featured please let us know.  Likewise, if there is a product that you would like to see one of our illustrations on please drop us a line.

Click to Visit our Store


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