Available Books & Items at the NY Tolkien Conference II

NY Tolkien Conference 2016 logo illustrated by Luke Spooner
NY Tolkien Conference 2016 logo illustrated by Luke Spooner

It is our hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th of July! In less than two weeks on Saturday July 16th the New York Tolkien Conference is set to take place at Baruch College, which we have organized for the second year in a row.  On the 7th floor main hall of the Conference Myth Ink Books will again have a table with our titles available and a few other items.

Have your registered yet? Pre-registration online is $11, At the Door is $15

We recently updated the New York Tolkien Conference with new programs, Con Gear and schedule, which you can read by clicking here

ForgottenLeaves-MockThe most recent title we have released, the revised edition of Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial, a Tolkien essay collection, with an index by Nicholas Birns, will be available for purchase. The edition available at the 2015 NY Tolkien Conference was an advanced copy, this revised, corrected edition with the index is the final version of this title.

If you cannot attend the Conference and would like to purchase a copy they are available via our Storenvy Shop

Visit my store on Storenvy

The New York Tolkien Conference Guests of Honor Jared Lobdell and Kristine Larsen have both been involved with Myth Ink Books publications and will be on hand throughout the conference if attendees wish to have books signed.

Dr Kristine Larsen was a co-editor on two titles with us, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who and the award winning The Mythological Dimensions MDNG_Coverof Neil Gaiman when they were originally published by Anne Petty and Kitsune Books.  When Kitsune Books closed the rights to these titles reverted to us and we were able to republish them under the Myth Ink Books banner.  We will have copies of both titles on hand.

Dr. Jared Lobdell is the author of numerous books on Tolkien Seeking the Lordand the Inklings and is the author of Seeking the Lord published by Myth Ink Books. There will be a special reading and book signing of Seeking the Lord at the New York Tolkien Conference.

The second edition of our Lovecraftian Horror short story collection, The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales will be available. This new edition has a revised text and new cover and internal illustrations by Luke Spooner of Carrion House. This has been available since last Fall but will be found at the New York Tolkien Conference Myth Ink Books table.

In addition to these corrected, second edition titles, our horror anthology Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York will also be for sale at the conference.

The Myth Ink Books table will also be where you can get some Conference Posters and Lord of the Rings action figures and toys. The Conference Posters will be the logos from the 2015 and 2016 NY Tolkien Conference illustrated by Luke Spooner. The Lord of the Rings action figures and toys are from the three Peter Jackson films and will be for sale.
Logo ArtLampost Logo_2016Con







We hope to see you all at the New York Tolkien Conference and please visit the Conference website for program details and schedule by Clicking Here

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