Join Us for a Night at The Grand Guignol (Theatre of Horror)

A friend sent us an invite to an event, a 3 night event, that involves horror and theatre, which caused the hairs on the back of my neck to raise.  Intrigued, I looked into what The Grand Guignol (Theatre of Horror) on Staten Island was all about.

“….3 nights of live performances featuring five plays that will keep you on the edge of your seat,” states the description from the facebook event page (more below)

April 1st  8-10pm
April 2nd 8-10pm
April 3rd 3-5pm
Hub 17 at 73 Wave Street, Staten Island NY


Remembering Peter by Christopher Mancuso  Illustrated by Luke Spooner
Remembering Peter by Christopher Mancuso
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Staten Island has had a long history of horrors and once was visited by the Grandfather of Cosmic Horror himself, H.P. Lovecraft, so we are eager for stories that will keep us on the edge of our seat.  Plus this show includes stories by two of our friends, Brooke Haramija of the paranormal investigation team SCARED! and Haramija’s fellow SCARED! Paranormal Investigator, Myth Ink Books Author Christopher Mancuso (Remembering Peter, in Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York)

There have been horror stories published about Staten Island, featuring historical people and places, such as The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales, and Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York, but, “There is nothing like this on Staten Island,” cites Producer Kimbra Eberly. It is our hope this is the start of a new, longstanding tradition of horror on Staten Island.
Tickets are $22, and $40 for 2!!
Tickets are available by clicking here

The producers have “come up with 5 original plays, performance art and a very entertaining night filled with twists and turns,” but seating is limited.

There is also a GoFundMe Page set up to assist the production team with this unique form of entertainment in order to build the sets, paint, wood, carpentry, tarps, a movable wall, plexiglass, and lighting.

Please consider donating, and every donation $50 or more gets you a custom Grand Guignol Tee shirt.

The Grand Guignol (The Theatre of Horror) started in France in the late 1800’s and continued for over sixty years. Hub 17 will be paying homage to this style of theatre with their own original plays and performances.  

 From the moment of entrance, you can expect a feeling of eeriness and uneasiness.  The plays include an array of questionable characters, filled with intensity and also humor.  We are honored to have gifted writers, directors, actors and professional tech folks working with us.


Hosted by Doug LaTourette
Plays included are:

1. Inadmissable (Lizzie Borden) written by Kimbra Eberly – Directed by Lawrence Schwabacher

2. Dreams and Wishes – written by Brooke Haramija
Twilight-Zone-esque story, about a very old woman who has quite a story to tell.”

3. The fearless Ghost Hunter – written and directed by Kimbra Eberly

4. Room 309 – written by Christopher Mancuso
Directed by Mike Vesey
About the zombie apocalypse, and the room which is home to an infected patient

5. The Barn – written by Lawrence Schwabacher
Directed by Lawrence Schwabacher

Also performing are
Douglas LaTourette – Poetry and the Ringmaster of the night, featuring (the severed head)
The DaDa group – performance art
A musical interlude – Rina Sklar Dabdoub

Credits include:
Inadmissable – Lance Reha (filmmaker)
Douglas LaTourette- Poet,  Artist, Producer
Kimbra Eberly- Writer-Technical, Producer
Kenny Graham- Technical
Miriam Silver- Technical
Brooke Haramija- writer, actress
Chris Mancuso- Writer, Actor
Larry Schwabacher- Writer, Director
Vivian Vasser- Performance art, Actress
Mike Vessey- Actor, Director
Dorri Aspinwall- Actress
Daniel Wuerdeman – Actor
Tyler Cucciniello – Actor
Mary Campbell- Performance Art, Actress
Ray Vazquez- Actor- carpentry
Rina Sklar Dabdoub- Actress, musician
Jay Sayers- Technical, carpentry

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