The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales 2nd Ed.

Cover Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Illustrated by Luke Spooner


by Jessica Burke & Anthony Burdge

Illustrated by Luke Spooner of Carrion House

Introduction by David Neilsen

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The Friendly Horror Audiobook $1.99 via Bandcamp
Recording, Sound Design, & Music by:
Mars Homeworld, Dead House Music


A portion of the proceeds from sale of this books shall be donated to Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue


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This charming book is a …delightful celebration of that delicious state of being called ‘Lovecraftian.’ …this duo can write, with excellent effect….”
W. H. Pugmire, Author of Monstrous Aftermath

In this revised, 2nd edition of The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales, with 4 internal illustrations and color cover, be prepared to explore the everyday with a macabre, decidedly Lovecraftian twist.

Keepsakes Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The landscape of the authors collective imagination allows the mundane world to transcend into a place where kittens journey in time and space, and sometimes pick up hitchhikers, where humans aren’t the only ones who bring their children to work and storms can become creatures with their own appetite, where a simple ice cream cone takes on a nefarious edge. The titular piece, “The Friendly Horror” is a contemporary post-script to “Shadows over Innsmouth.”

Concerning The Storm-1

Concerning the Storm Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The Friendly Horror is a collection of Lovecraft inspired tales eloquently written with an unmistakable passion and voice for the genre…Luke Spooner does an amazing job of giving that haunting, sketchy feel to his drawings that only enhance the reading experience. They are a perfect complement to each tale …Burdge and Burke describe the transition and journey to Y’ha-nthlei the way C.S. Lewis describes Narnia…
Kris Lugosi, The Horror Society

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Illustrated by Luke Spooner

“I do not often think of horror as being friendly. Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge have shown me the error of my ways with The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales. They have taught me that it is possible to feel the creeping dread of cosmic horror with a smile on my face…. This wide assortment of tales invites you in with a kind smile and a gentle nudge and, like with a friend or partner you trust implicitly, you invariably walk hand-in-hand through the darkness. However, you soon realize that the person holding your hand isn’t who you thought they were… but by then it’s far too late, and far too dark, to turn back.”
Clint Hale, The Dark of Things


The Friendly Horror Read by Mars Homeworld

The Friendly Horror
Read by Mars Homeworld Click to purchase

Daddy and Me Day Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Daddy and Me Day
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

“They call it the forgotten borough: Staten Island. Lonely, remote, looming, mysterious. Filled with abandoned cemeteries and hospitals, haunted houses and crumbling forts… Burke and …Burdge, have woven the strange history of the island into their …marvelous Lovecraftian collection … The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales….”

Andrea Janes, Boroughs of the Dead

Table of Contents


An Introduction by David Neilsen

The Odor


A Guide to Acclimating New Felines to their New Home—Best done with Kittens under the age of 10 months, Can be Adapted with Ease

A Daddy & Me Day

Hungry Snow


Concerning the Storm

The Friendly Horror


About the Authors


The Friendly Horror Audiobook full album illustration by Luke Spooner


Available from Who Dares Publishing

Forgotten Leaves: Tolkien Essays

Seeking the Lord Written by Jared Lobdell Illustrated by Luke Spooner

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