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We are very happy to announce that we have been brought aboard the new Star Trek Production: Star Trek Anthology as Series Writers. This is a fantastic opportunity and we are incredibly grateful, and humbled, to be a part of this family of Star Trek fans and filmmakers.
This article will serve an an Introduction to Star Trek Anthology and our roles within the production, which are Series Writers (credited on IMDB and the Star Trek Anthology Cast & Crew Page).  We are currently working on the Script for MOTHER, a Pilot Episode of Star Trek Anthology detailed below
As our readers may know we are also members of Fleet 31, a Star Trek Fan Organization, and are Senior Staff of the USS Growler, the NYC Chapter of Fleet 31, which is supporting and endorsing Star Trek Anthology

Star Trek Anthology is a new unique and exciting webseries in the world of Trek based in the TOS STAR TREK universe. Think Trek + Twilight Zone + a pinch of Galaxy Quest = ANTHOLOGY.

From Jim Bray, Chief Executive Producer and Creator of “Star Trek Anthology:”

You may remember in the 1970’s, NBC had an interesting anthology series called the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie.  Each week, it would feature a different detective story.  There was “Macmillan and Wife” starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James, “Heck Ramsey” starring Richard Boone, “McCloud” starring Dennis Weaver, and who can forget “Columbo” starring Peter Falk. 

The concept for “Star Trek Anthology” will be very much the same.  Each segment of the series will take place primarily in the original Trek series period.  Our premier episode will feature our tent-pole production, “Starship Challenger,” the story of Captain JM Colt and the crew of the Challenger, a Miranda-Class Starship, as they explore the outer rim of the galaxy…but that is where Trek canon ends.  
Where Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” was a “Wagon Train to the Stars,” Challenger is more of an “Express Train to the Twilight Zone.”  Throw in a pinch of “Galaxy Quest” and “Outer Limits.”

(click here to read more from Jim Bray at

What episodes of Anthology are In Production and Development?

Below you will find details on current episodes In Production and Development.  Currently my wife Jessica Burke & I (Anthony Burdge) are writing, with series Creator Jim Bray, the Pilot for MOTHER (see details below)

Starship Challenger: Another Door Opens (Pilot)

Written by Jim Bray

After surviving the battle of Parellax II, Commander J.M. Colt is promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the USS CHALLENGER. Enroute to their patrol sector, the CHALLENGER stumbles into a spatial anomaly inside of which they discover another ship, and energy-devouring creatures try to keep them both there.

Starship Challenger: Logical Solution
Written by Jim Bray

While traveling to the Outer Rim, CHALLENGER is ordered to investigate a malfunctioning subspace transceiver on planetoid P-14-J. While beaming down Carmichael and the Vulcan ensign, Sokaal, the ship is attacked by the D’Karr; a warrior race who have laid claim to the planetoid. Colt Leads the D’Karr on a merry chase. Meanwhile, Carmichael is injured during the beamdown, and it is up to Sokaal to make some very mature decisions if the repair mission is to succeed.

Starship Challenger: Calling Home (Vignette)

Written by Jim Bray
As the CHALLENGER prepares to leave Federation space beyond the range of subspace communication, Admiral Sinclair advises Captain Colt to have her crew call their loved ones, since it will be a long while before they’re heard from again. We watch as each of the command crew calls home from their quarters, and the results are a mixture of comedy and poignancy.

Assignment Earth: Case 0300 Floodgates
Written by Jim Bray
Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln rush to Washington D.C. and are caught up in the Watergate scandal. While considering if it should happen or should be undone, they stumble across the mysterious and intimidating Agent Smith, who may not be as he appears. Miss Lincoln confronts Gary about his over-protectiveness and holding back information from her.

Mother: Mother Knows Best (Pilot)
Written by Jessica Burke, Anthony Burdge, & Jim Bray

A story about a family-run merchant cargo ship, “URSA MARU”. A lumbering beast of a vessel, it’s been cobbled and retrofitted a hundred times over from countless Federation vessel parts. The idea here is that the family is a hard-scrabble bunch that works the shipping lanes that come in close proximity to Orion pirates and other unsavory characters.

LOTS of potential for high space adventure/morality play stories, in a similar vein to Firefly. In the pilot, Orion pirates storm the vessel in search of valuable cargo and MOM takes a dim view of the invasion.

Who is starring in Star Trek: Anthology? Who are the Cast & Crew involved in the Production?

Here are a few highlights from the Cast and Crew of Star Trek Anthology, for a full listing of the extensive Actor & Production Credits Click Here

James has worked with Starship AJAX and Star Trek New Voyages Phase II as a makeup artist, set designer and prop maker. He’s very grateful and excited for this opportunity to produce a new show through Retro Film Studios.

Jodi Ballinger Bray (Captain Jamie Mia “JM” Colt)
Jodi has been involved in theatre since The Music Man in high school and on and off for the past 30 years. This is Jodi’s first foray into the film arts, and she finds the differences in being in front of the camera and on stage to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. She’s excited about playing a StarShip Captain – an honor bestowed upon very few – and promises to keep her portrayal of JM Colt’s character very true to canon of what a StarShip Captain should be. Jodi’s biggest and most important role is that of Mom of a son and daughter.

I was too young to really understand Star Trek when it first came out. Too cerebral for a little kid. I got into TNG in the beginning as a way to have similar interests with my husband – a semi-rabid Trekkie – so we could spend time together. It kinda grew on me. I got involved with Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2 with Jim and loved what they were doing. We were previously involved in another Trek fan film production out in Oklahoma (StarShip Ajax), but when those plans fell through we decided to do our ‘own thing’.” Jodi is gainfully employed in the healthcare profession and resides in northern Vermont with husband Jim and family, their obese beagle/dachshund mix Chloe and Shadow, their black kitty.

Alex “A.J.” McDonald (Director of Photography)
Alex is a 20 year, retired Navy Veteran, and lifelong Star Trek fan. Currently pursuing his BFA in Digital Media and Film production at Long Island University. Alex became involved in Anthology, when he met series Creator James Bray while working on Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. After hearing the project details, he knew he would get involved, in any capacity needed.

I wasn’t really thinking about being DP, it just kind of fell into my lap”, said McDonald. “Working with this crew, in particular Kent Schmidt, Scott Johnson of G&E, Bill Lutz and the rest of the team, we will strive to give all the classic shots, as well as some new and different looks.” he continued. “I’m just thrilled to be a part of this team, it’s going to be exciting. I grew up with TOS, in grade school, we’d play Starfleet and Klingons, not Cops and Robbers.”

Brian Covault (Consulting Producer)

Brian Covault is a consulting producer and 2nd Assistant Director for Star Trek: Anthology. Brian learned about Anthology through Star Trek: Phase II, where he has been a member of the Grip and Electric team since 2010. Brian has been a fan of Star Trek TOS since the 70’s and is a fan of sci-fi in general.
When he isn’t helping make Star Trek, Brian works as a database developer and system administrator. Brian enjoys computer programming, watching baseball, writing and spending time with his two families – his biological family and his Phase II / Anthology family.

Where can you read more about Star Trek Anthology and Sign up for their Newsletter?
Click here to visit the Star Trek Anthology website

Is there a trailer or videos available for Star Trek Anthology?

Yes, below is the Master Trailer & Playlist for Star Trek Anthology

Stay Tuned for More Updates from us concerning Star Trek Anthology

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