Featured Guests on the Tribbles in Ecstasy Podcast

Last Friday we were humbled and honored to be a part of the Star Trek Anthology Writers Forum on the Tribbles in Ecstasy Podcast. The show featured a discussion about our contribution to writing the pilot for “Mother,” a series being produced by Star Trek Anthology alongside our fellow Star Trek Anthology writers, Jim BrayContinue reading “Featured Guests on the Tribbles in Ecstasy Podcast”

Series Writers for Star Trek: Anthology

Hailing Frequencies Open! Stardate 15027.12 We are very happy to announce that we have been brought aboard the new Star Trek Production: Star Trek Anthology as Series Writers. This is a fantastic opportunity and we are incredibly grateful, and humbled, to be a part of this family of Star Trek fans and filmmakers. This articleContinue reading “Series Writers for Star Trek: Anthology”