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Greetings Cultists!

As we await the final pieces for our forthcoming urban horror anthology Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York, to fall into place we are happy to announce our range of Lovecraft inspired chapbooks.  Our line of chapbooks are single story, single illustration books from established authors in the field.

We currently have 5 authors in our chapbook line up for monthly releases, below you will find information on the first two.

Our In House Illustrator Luke Spooner created not only the cover illustration but helped establish the vintage look of our chapbook design.

Click Here to Visit his website and view all of his wonderfully creepy illustrations

These Black Winged Ones written by Wilum H. Pugmire, Illustrated by Luke Spooner
These Black Winged Ones written by Wilum H. Pugmire, Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Our first offering is THESE BLACK WINGED ONES from the leading Lovecraftian author of our day Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, and a special Introduction by renowned Lovecraftian author Peter Rawlik.

Wilum is the author of many Lovecraft inspired stories and books, most recently:  The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal and Encounters with Enoch Coffin.  Peter’s first novel REANIMATORS was published in 2013, the sequel The Weird Company was released in 2014

The setting for These Black Winged Ones is found in Section II of Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu,” which is entitled “The Tale of Inspector Legrasse.”

“All denied a part in the ritual murders, and averred that the killing had been done by Black Winged Ones which had come to them from their immemorial meeting-place in the haunted wood.”

Mr. Pugmire’s tale is that of a young woman who is taken to the aforementioned haunted wood by a mad poet, in order to pay homage to the formless white thing that inhabits the hidden lake.  The woman is anxious to dwell there, because she has never learned the art of dreaming, and legend tells that this lake creature inspires mortals to dream.

THIS IS A LIMITED ONE TIME PRINTING scheduled for an OCTOBER 31, 2014 Release


W. H. Pugmire has been writing Lovecraftian weird fiction since the early 1970s.  He was lucky, during a three week tour of New England and New York in 2007, to visit the churchyard mentioned in his story, which was also visited by H. P. Lovecraft and inspired the writing of ‘The Hound.’  Pugmire has written for many anthologies, and his books include THE TANGLED MUSE, UNCOMMON PLACES, BOHEMIANS OF SESQUA VALLEY, and THE STRANGE DARK ONE. His story, The Hand of Bone, will soon be released as part of the DARK TALES FROM ELDER REGIONS: NEW YORK Urban Horror Anthology from Myth Ink Books. Click here to visit his website

Pete Rawlik has been reading and collecting weird books and literature since the Seventies and ran a bookstore dedicated to the genre for twenty years.  In 2011 gave it all up to pursue writing Lovecraftian fiction.  His first novel Reanimators was published in 2013, the sequel The Weird Company was released in 2014.  He lives in South Florida where he studies Everglades ecology and tries to keep three children from being eaten by crocodiles.  His wife has recently assured the public that his collection of Lovecraftiana poses no public health threat.  Click Here to Visit his Amazon Page


LOVELY ISLAND by David Neilsen


Lovely Island Written by David Neilsen Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The second of our horror chapbooks, LOVELY ISLAND, will be released in November comes from David Neilsen.

Little Sally loves living with her Daddy on their Lovely Island. Life is simple, Daddy loves her, and as long as she’s a good girl and eats all her shellfish, THEY won’t come after her.

David Neilsen is a slightly unhinged individual who has written a number of mildly disturbing short stories as well as an upcoming YA supernatural adventure. Before lurking in the darker recesses of the New York metropolitan area, he spent ten years begging in Hollywood, culminating in a television pilot optioned to 20th Century FOX and the straight-to-DVD feature film, The Eliminator (go on and rent it, he dares you). A classically-trained actor, David can often be found roaming Westchester County and nearby environs working as a storyteller, specializing in the twisted and macabre. His one-man show, H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, has sent audience members into madness throughout greater New England and he would dearly love to bring it to your neck of the woods and drive you utterly insane as well.

David’s story, “Leaking,” will be appearing in our forthcoming urban horror anthology, Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York.  As we finalize Dark Tales, read the prequel to “Leaking,” that was just published by Fantasy Scroll Magazine, “The Contents of the Box with the Ribbon,

For more information, visit David online at


In November we will announce future chapbook releases beyond Lovely Island

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