Member of the Horror Bloggers Guild

HBG_logoGreetings Horror Fans,

As we are moving forward with our publications we have recently become a member of The Horror Bloggers Guild, which was founded to connect Horror Bloggers, publishers & writers.  We sent Myth Ink Books in for membership and was accepted. As our readers may know our first collection of short stories was The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales (Click to purchase from Amazon), then we released an audiobook version of the title story, The Friendly Horror read by Mars Homeworld (Click to purchase from Bandcamp), and we are currently working on releasing our 2nd anthology of urban horror, Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York. (Click to read more of this book.)  Plus lots of horror & weird fiction future projects will be announced in the coming months.

We are horror(ibly) grateful for the Horror Bloggers Guild for accepting us into the group.

The mission of the Horror Bloggers Guild are:

-Connect horror bloggers together
-Provide a space for collaboration
-Make it easy for people on the internet to find Horror Blogs

I have taken the liberty of listing all of the links to each member of the Horror Bloggers Guild on our “Horror Publishers & Bloggers” link section on the right side of this website below our Twitter Feed. Also if you click the Horror Bloggers Guild logo on this article, or at the top right of this website, or CLICK HERE you will be taken to the Horror Bloggers Guild where you can check out all the member websites.

The Horror Bloggers Guild was founded by izombiheartzoey who is the primary contributing writer to the horror philosophy blog Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw

If you are a Horror Blogger, Publisher, Writer do consider joining and check out their Facebook Group Here

HBG_CarnivalHalloween is 48 days away! The Horror Bloggers Guild is also hosting the first Annual Halloween Blog Carnival! The theme for the carnival is Halloween! The sacred holiday, the season, the movies, and or the great pumpkin massacre – be fun and creative and for fun and to contribute to the splatter season

Click here to read all about it

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