Horror Anthology Re-titled and Update

Greetings Friends, We are in the line editing process for our new horror anthology that was tentatively titled “Boroughs of the Dead Vol. 2” There will be over two dozen stories covering areas all over¬† New York City in this anthology. We have retitled the volume to reflect the horror within. “Boroughs of the DeadContinue reading “Horror Anthology Re-titled and Update”

Accepting Second Round of Submissions for Boroughs of the Dead 2.

We have gotten a great response from everyone regarding our forthcoming ghost story and urban horror anthology, Boroughs of the Dead Volume 2. However, we lost track of time over the holidays and the deadline is right around the corner on February 1st. We are currently reviewing all of the submissions we have received thusContinue reading “Accepting Second Round of Submissions for Boroughs of the Dead 2.”

Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books

Greetings everyone! Happy New Year! We were on a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays and hope your holidays were cheerful and bright as ours were.¬† We ended 2013 with the release of our 30 Track Audiobook of The Friendly Horror, which is now available ONLY FOR $7. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.Continue reading “Happy New Year! Coming in 2014 from Myth Ink Books”