Table of Contents

  1. Introduction by Christopher Mancuso
  2. A Few Words about Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue by Christopher Mancuso
  3. People & Pets: Past & Present by Christopher Mancuso
  4. Forming bonds with pets that transcend into the afterlife. An Interview with John Zaffis conducted by Christopher Mancuso
  5. Animals in the Afterlife by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  6. Dusty & the Bean by Jessica Burke
  7. Tail The First by Dale Who
  8. A Different Kind of Stray by Michelle Belanger
  9. Shadow by Gina Ferrell
  10. His Name Is Beadie by Brian J Cano
  11. Bella’s Passing by Debra Hoffmann Knowles
  12. Tardy’s Legacy by Lizzie Holochwost
  13. The Cat Came Back by Eilfie L. Music Edwards
  14. Blare
 by Maureen Carroll
  15. Louie’s Legacy by Emily Gear
  16. Emily Girl by Debbie Lanz
  17. A Car Full of Waffles by Christopher Di Cesare
  18. Murray & Sasha by Tim Maile
  19. Smudge & Phoenix by Marilyn Deniston
  20. Casey by Stephanie Bingham
  21. Pepper by Colleen Graves
  22. Followed Home by Gina Ferrell
  23. One More Time by Sherry Louise Stoll
  24. Sending a Tweet by Patrick Burns
  25. Peaches by Wendy Swick

I Live in a Haunted Hotel with Ghost Cats & Dogs by Blair Murphy
  27. Check-In Cat by Brooke Haramija
  28. Caesar by Julie Betts
  29. Storm’s Gift by Suzanne Sorrell
  30. Velckie’s Journey by Lizzie Holochwost
  31. Macy by Patti Speed
  32. Forever First Pet by Marley Harbuck Gibson
  33. Cookie by Anthony Simonelli
  34. The Big Black Dog by Cathy Young
  35. The Story of Zeus aka White Buffalo by Lisa Terio
  36. Tails of the Unexpected: Banner by Dale Who
  37. Ghost Tails From Salem: Phantom felines at Bunghole Liquors & Salem’s Stephen Daniels House by Sam Baltrusis
  38. Fur Ball by Rosanne Doerbecker
  39. Salem by Boni Bates
  40. He Made it Home to Maine, After All by Sue Heins
  41. Lady by Kristie Stecco
  42. Taja by Sandrine Barbour
  43. Frodo by Jen Devillier
  44. Rhett by Debbie Elward
  45. The Laundry Specter by Tim Shaw
  46. Isis by Athena Cameron
  47. The Road to Rescue by Christopher Mancuso
  48. Afterword by Anthony S Burdge
  49. Nationwide Pet Rescue Rescue Index