Pre-Order “Once Home,” by Joris Soeding (Horror Poetry Chapbook)

Cover Illustration by Luke Spooner

The fourth in our chapbook series, Once Home by Joris Soeding, Illustrated by Luke Spooner.  In this chapbook readers will be transported into worlds of horror and the paranormal through the medium of poetry. Our chapbooks contain a single cover and internal image and our In House Illustrator Luke Spooner has brilliantly brought these haunting poems into focus.

Now Available for Pre-Order via our online store for $9 USD & S/H:

Once Home is a compelling trip through one’s emotions: poignant, passionate, sometimes disturbing; but always engaging. Joris Soeding is going places in the poetry world.”
— Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine

~~About Once Home~~
Once Home draws inspiration from over five decades of horror films. From the beginning, nameless characters surface throughout various suspenseful circumstances. These scenarios are either one scene in a poem, or a reconstruction of several pivotal moments in a movie. The nineteen poems are cohesive through the theme of home, both leaving home and trying to return there.

The poems include emotion and the countless forms of suspense drawn from scary movies of the past half century. These elements have been carefully construed over time, while being relevant through the idea of home.

An Afternoon with Family
Snake People
The Errand
Romans 12:19
Bewitching the Pyrenees
The New Genus
Oskar & Eli
Reservation for Three
Whatever I Photograph I Always Lose
The Bête Noire Progression
College and the Curse
The Will
I Brought You Home
Vacation Prologue, August, 1999
Voodoo Island

~~About the Author~~
Joris Soeding’s third chapbook, In Between the Places Where Night Falls, will be published by Lummox Press in 2015. His poems have recently appeared in publications such as Belle Rêve Literary Journal, Concho River Review, Cruel Garters, The Horror Zine Magazine, The Prompt Literary Magazine, and Thirteen Myna Birds. He is a 5th/6th grade Writing teacher in Chicago, where he resides with his wife, son, and daughter.

~~About the Illustrator~~
Luke Spooner studied illustration and graduated with First class honors from Portsmouth University. He tends to create works that deal with the macabre, the melancholy and the generally dark but that’s not to say he does not diversify.

Visit for his full range of his work.


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