New Chapbook Release: Seeking the Lord by Jared Lobdell

Seeking the Lord  Written by Jared Lobdell Illustrated by Luke Spooner
Seeking the Lord
Written by Jared Lobdell
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

“The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to his temple.”

Seeking the Lord is Myth Ink Books 3rd Chapbook release. It is a departure from our contributions to the horror genre into the realm of Fantasy with a story by Jared Lobdell

Written by Jared Lobdell
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

LIMITED TO 100 Numbered Copies
Now Available

“On the day of which this story tells, a small company of boys from one of the lower parts of the city, on holiday, had climbed the way to the citadel and were looking down a thousand feet to the valley below. One said to another — they disputed after who had said and who had heard — that they should go into the great tower of the citadel that housed the king’s hall at its base, and a fair lookout at its summit. And so they did, not secretly, for it was not forbidden, but quietly, in case one of the few guards might think it forbidden, and hinder their going.
The hall of the kings was lit by deep windows along the great aisles on either side, the aisles set off from the hall by rows of tall pillars, greatly carved with beasts and leaves of elder times and elder trees, bearing the wide vaulting above that gleamed with gold, lately pointed, inset with bright colours. Silent between the carven pillars were the effigies of kings long dead.”

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About the Author:
Jared Lobdell was a long-time correspondent and friend of Professor Tolkien’s, and of his son Christopher’s, and is the author of The World of the Rings. He lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

About the Illustrator:
Luke Spooner studied illustration and graduated with First class honors from Portsmouth University. He tends to create works that deal with the macabre, the melancholy and the generally dark but that’s not to say he does not diversify.

Visit for his full range of his work.

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