Second Printing: These Black Winged Ones by W.H. Pugmire

We created a second printing of Wilum Pugmire’s THESE BLACK WINGED ONES, which only very limited stock is available. If you do not get them now then you may not be able to do so tomorrow or next week, the initial 100 copy run sold very fast.

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Written by Wilum H. Pugmire
Introduction by Peter Rawlik
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

The first release from our line of chapbooks comes from the leading Lovecraftian author of our day with an Introduction by the author of ReAnimators and The Weird Company, Peter Rawlik:

The setting for These Black Winged Ones is found in Section II of Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu,” which is entitled “The Tale of Inspector Legrasse.”

“All denied a part in the ritual murders, and averred that the killing had been done by Black Winged Ones which had come to them from their immemorial meeting-place in the haunted wood.”

Mr. Pugmire’s tale is that of a young woman who is taken to the aforementioned haunted wood by a mad poet, in order to pay homage to the formless white thing that inhabits the hidden lake.  The woman is anxious to dwell there, because she has never learned the art of dreaming, and legend tells that this lake creature inspires mortals to dream.

W.H Pugmire is the author of many Lovecraft inspired stories and books, most recently:

—Author of The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal
—Encounters with Enoch Coffin

Read More of W. H. Pugmire

Visit the haunting work of our illustrator Luke Spooner

Peter Rawlik
Introduction/Author of ReAnimators

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