Lovely Island by David Neilsen NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER

Lovely Island  by David Neilsen Illustrated  by Luke Spooner
Lovely Island
by David Neilsen
by Luke Spooner

Without further ado we are happy to announce the publication of Lovely Island by David Neilsen, a chapbook now available to order and is our November Chapbook Release.

Lovely Island is the 2nd title in our chapbook series, following W.H. Pugmire’s October chapbook publication of THESE BLACK WINGED ONES.

This title is available for $9 plus shipping and handling, help feed a hungry Cthulhu

Written By David Neilsen
Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Little Sally loves living with her Daddy on their Lovely Island. Life is simple, Daddy loves her, and as long as she’s a good girl and eats all her shellfish, THEY won’t come after her.


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About the author
David Neilsen is a slightly unhinged individual who has written a number of mildly disturbing short stories as well as an upcoming YA supernatural adventure. Before lurking in the darker recesses of the New York metropolitan area, he spent ten years begging in Hollywood, culminating in a television pilot optioned to 20th Century FOX and the straight-to-DVD feature film, The Eliminator (go on and rent it, he dares you). A classically-trained actor, David can often be found roaming Westchester County and nearby environs working as a storyteller, specializing in the twisted and macabre. His one-man show, H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, has sent audience members into madness throughout greater New England and he would dearly love to bring it to your neck of the woods and drive you utterly insane as well.

David’s story “Leaking,” will appear in the forthcoming urban horror anthology, “Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York,” by Myth Ink Books

For more information, visit David online at

Visit the haunting work of our illustrator Luke Spooner

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