The Friendly Horror Fan Art

Very early this morning upon my return home from work, I discovered that a truly great Lovecraft fan, Tom Jenkins of the H.P. Lovecraft and Horror Art Fan pages on Facebook, created a truly creepy and disturbing piece of fan art inspired from our story The Friendly Horror.

As you may recall from my post of yesterday we listed our audiobook of The Friendly Horror for $1.99 and cited a quote from Tom who had purchased the audiobook and offered his thoughts to us about the story.

“Very entertaining take on the Deep Ones/Hybrid legacy, The Shadow Over Innsmouth is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories and I have always found joy in “spin offs” and related material . As a narrator Mars Homeworld does a exceptional performance and in my opinion is just as enjoyable to listen to as the narrator Wayne June.”–Tom J. Operator of the H.P. Lovecraft facebook fan page

We were thrilled and excited to receive his feedback on our story and the reading Mars Homeworld did for the audiobook.  We were flattered to received this piece of inspired art from him this morning.

Tom Jenkins Art inspired from The Friendly Horror
Tom Jenkins Art inspired from The Friendly Horror

Thank you very much Tom for this and we really appreciate your enthusiasm and support of our work.

Readers, please click here to “like” Tom’s H.P. Lovecraft fan page and Click here to “like” his Horror Art page.

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