Call for Writers: New #DoctorWho Non Fiction Anthology


                 In 2010, Kitsune Books published the first volume of the Mythological Dimensions series, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who. This was soon followed by the award winning The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman. We were to continue with the Mythological Dimensions series covering other areas of interest, however, in December 2012 Kitsune Books closed due to unforseen circumstances

The first two volumes of the Mythological Dimensions series have since been republished with Myth Ink Books. Myth Ink Books is now launching a new series of books covering similar topics. We are seeking to continue examining the Doctor Who Universe celebrating not only the classic series and the 50th Anniversary but the era of the 11th Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith. We would like to stress that this volume will be geared for a non-academic audience. That was the core spirit of the Mythological Dimensions, and shall be for Ambassadors of Geekdom.We want to emphasize this in future volumes in the series: well-written, well-sourced, approachable essays by fans for fans.

The Ambassadors of Geekdom will be a series that examines the question: How do you celebrate your fandom? This volume will ask how do you celebrate your fandom of Doctor Who?

For information and details on when and where to submit proposals CLICK HERE FOR THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

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