Myth Ink Books accepts ONLY submissions for our own projects at this time (anthologies, chapbooks, etc). We have no open projects at this time.

Myth Ink Books is NOT accepting unsolicited submissions of any kind.

If you are interested in our Editorial Services send us a query.

If your work has been solicited (if you are submitting for one of our open projects or have been invited by us to submit) please adhere to the following submission guidelines. Please read the following guidelines completely and understand that if you do not adhere to them, we cannot work with you. 

Any work that violates these guidelines will not be accepted for publication by Myth Ink Books.

  1. Do NOT submit previously published work (published anywhere, in any medium, at any time; personal blogs and author websites included).
  2. Do NOT send graphics, photos, memes, etc. with submissions.
  3. DO send only .DOC files in black, 12 point, Times New Roman standard font.
  4. DO send us an abstract of the submission (100 words or less).
  5. DO send us a personal bio of yourself (100 words or less). Note: both the abstract and bio can be sent in a .DOC attachment
  6. DO apply industry standards to your manuscript: place your name and your submission title on the first page of the file. Place your last name alongside each page number in a header on each page of the file. **Submissions that do not include this information may be rejected.**
  7. DO NOT send simultaneous or double-dipped submissions; meaning: don’t send us a submission that’s been sent (or will be sent) to another publisher or collection; don’t send us a submission that you plan on self-publishing (in online, audio, or print media); don’t send us more than one submission.
  8. DO allow us the standard 2-3 months to respond to your submission. We will send a brief acknowledgement that we received your submission. We try to review submissions sooner, however this is not always possible. If you cannot wait this timeframe and plan on sending your work elsewhere (or self-publishing in any format), then please do not submit anything to us.
  9. Do NOT send us work that you are unable or unwilling to have edited. When we work on a project, we work with authors and contributors to produce quality work; this usually requires some form of editing. If you are unwilling to work with us to get your work in the best shape possible, do NOT submit to us.
  10. If you have been solicited by us or a representative of ours to submit or if you are submitting for a current project of ours, do NOT expect an immediate turnaround. Meaning: please do NOT expect your work to be published immediately or within the current calendar year. When we have projects scheduled– and have a Call for Submissions– we have a projected publication date which is usually within 1-2 calendar years from the date of the call.  If you have been solicited for submission for anything other than a current project, the same applies.  For example, if you send us a solicited query in August, don’t expect us to publish your submission by December of that same year.  Likewise, if you send a submission, please don’t expect us to automatically accept it.

5 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. the gaunt says:

    I will be eagerly checking back to see when submissions are opened!


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