The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales

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Cover Illustrated by Luke Spooner

Cover Illustrated by Luke Spooner

“This charming book is a …delightful celebration of that delicious state of being called ‘Lovecraftian.’ …this duo can write, with excellent effect….” —W. H. Pugmire


“I do not often think of horror as being friendly. Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge have shown me the error of my ways with The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales. They have taught me that it is possible to feel the creeping dread of cosmic horror with a smile on my face…. This wide assortment of tales invites you in with a kind smile and a gentle nudge and, like with a friend or partner you trust implicitly, you invariably walk hand-in-hand through the darkness. However, you soon realize that the person holding your hand isn’t who you thought they were… but by then it’s far too late, and far too dark, to turn back.”
—Clint Hale, The Dark of Things

“The Friendly Horror” is an epic-length short story, almost bordering on novella, yet it is a swift and engrossing read. The intertwining of local Staten Island history into the Lovecraft mythos is an ingenious touch — reading it, you quickly become aware that you are miles away from pastiche or standard Cthulhu fan fic. The story is stuffed full of in-jokes of both the literary and the historical kind, yet it never feels as though the authors are showing off or shoehorning it in. Rather, it feels like the loving work of ardent fans, widely read and well versed in their obsessions, who are evidently taking as much delight in the proceedings as their readers.

—Andrea Janes, Boroughs of the Dead


The Friendly Horror as a stand alone story in this book really completed this collection. The Friendly Horror is a collection of Lovecraft inspired tales eloquently written with an unmistakable passion and voice for the genre. I really enjoy this duos writing style and their ability to keep a very strong Lovecraft voice in all that they write with a modern relatable tone.

—–Kris Lugosi, The Horror Society


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